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Tiberian Sun: Reborn blog 9 contain the NOD Tech Center & Radar Center, GDI Upgrade Center and the GDI & NOD Engineer Portable Terminals!

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Hey guys and girls, welcome to this Tiberian Sun: Reborn blog. We're sorry for our lack of activity, hopefully this blog makes up for it and all that shall follow!

NOD Tech Center

Dark Angel is working on creating the Nod Tech Center, a structure that allowed access to high-tier units and structures in the original Tiberian Sun. In TS:Reborn, it still retains its high-tech feel and purpose; it is even required to control Hunter Seeker drones.

WIP - Nod Tech Center WIP - Nod Tech Center

GDI Upgrade Center

Don't be jealous of the Nod Tech Center, fans of freedom. Mick (aka Volkov) has finished the exterior portion of the GDI Upgrade Center. Call down an Ion Cannon blast at your leisure.

GDI Upgrade Center

GDI & NOD Portable Terminals

So, I hear you want to sabotage some structures? This isn't a 90s action movie, you're going to need more than just a floppy disk with a virus if you want to cripple self-analysis and internal-repair mechanisms linked to a modern GDI facility network.

Engineers will cause some havoc on the automated systems, and it'll take time to correct itself, making an Engineer infiltration a great way to soften up a hardened structure and leave it exposed to future attack.

Renardin's texture work.

GDI Portable Terminal Nod Portable Terminal

NOD Radar Center

The Nod Radar Center is the only source of Radar for Nod, primary feature is an enormous satellite dish for connecting to the network of satellites orbiting the Earth.

Nod Radar Center

Scripts and Fixes

One thing that has been holding us up at the moment has been mainly our EMP script, we have been trying to work out a few bugs with it. Along with heavily editing the infantry roster for both sides, and making the Elite Cadre's Carbine one weapon instead of swapping Carbine machine gun for the Grenade Launcher.

That thing at the end of convasations...

That's it for another TS:R blog, be sure to keep following us here, on Facebook and on our Forums.


Great news!
Looking forward for more updates

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of course your alive, i would be shocked if you weren't

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just to let you all know, that is a complement

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good to see all is well :)

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