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Not much this week due to final exams, but we still have something for you.

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At the end of the school year come the final exams. They really take our time and we concentrate on them more, not having much time to work on this pretty game.

Anyway, here's what we can show you this week:

Toilet/Bog/WC/Portaloo etc.

Poggel just hacked this up for general use on all maps.

The model Garrisoned by Soviets!

Time for questions!

Ask any question you like related on any aspect of AR and we'll be happy to answer them in the next blog, so check for your answers next week!


will it make fart noises when the door opens and closes ?

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lol at port-a-loo XD i can imagine it that this is probably gonna be the fav building to be used as a bunker-ish building, since you said that this would be put on all maps. aanyways, i was wondering, how are you gonna script buildings to make them look like they're "fortified"? like from going to un-fortified to fortified. and maybe you should make it able for a port-a-loo to refill HP XD. not all of it, maybe just 50 or 25% of the total amount of HP when you take a **** in it. but can only be used once, except after you die ofcourse. that would be fun and probably epic lol XD

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how many people are ganna be able to fit in the batle Fortress, and are you going to be able to shoot out of it?

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