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Hello and welcome to the 65th and 66th installments to the Battle for Dune blogs! Be sure to visit us over at www.battlefordune.co.uk

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Hello and welcome to blogs 65 and 66, this week is another double blog. Lets see what we've been up to!

gtp0rong has started work on our HUD. With only the E:BFD ingame sidebar to go on we thought we'd just do our own thing!

Heres the armour icon

User Posted Image[/URL]

Our health and armour bar

User Posted Image

Flame Tank

Now, Fluffy-Opossum made the Harkonnen Flame Tank awhile back. I gave it to Venom to texture but before he did, he cleaned the model up and added a lot more detail to it.

Heres the updated model!

User Posted Image

Inkvine Catapult

Venom775 has finished the camo textures for the Harkonnen Inkvine Catapult, I think they look awesome!

User Posted Image

The Merchant Guild

Awhile ago Bullet.Design modelled and textured our Merchant Guild vehicles, now LR01 has rigged it and they are all ingame!

Take a look at these shots.


User Posted Image

Heavy Tank

User Posted Image[/URL]


User Posted Image

Assault Tank

With Venom775 doing such a great job on the Harkonnen Assault Tank and now LR01 has rigged it and added it ingame aswell, take a look at it on BFD_Mesa with the sand camo.

User Posted Image

Team Notices

I have been recently made C&C Reborn's PR guy!

cnc95fan is back at school and learning to C++ code!

LR01 is rigging up what vehicle are left

Peerawat9 is making unit sounds

Venom775 is finishing up the Flame Tank.

Well thats it for another Moddb blog, see you next time! Visit us at www.battlefordune.co.uk

Sturmklinge - - 22 comments

HUD looks hot :D

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zombieOnion - - 632 comments

I think your models need work. Models and textures.

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