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This weeks blog we have two tech buildings along with the Allied Prism Tower.

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Tech Outpost

So you want to repair in the field huh? Not an allied player with the advantages of the repair IFV? Then this is your best bet Soviets! The Tech Outpost! Defended by a patriot missile battery, this sturdy construction can be taken advantage of by engineers to systematically act as a repair point for soviet (or allied) armour in the field. Take heed comrades and send your engineers out in search of these key structures to gain an advantage in the field.

Modelled by Guy with a wrench, images below.

IPB Image

Tech Power Plant

Tech Power Plants are available on some objective based maps where the Allies and Soviets must race to capture a certain number of them to power up something destructive, be it a Time Machine, a Psychic Amplifier, a Psychic Beacon, a Super Weapon or something else that requires a lot of power. Of course, you could always win by destroying the enemy's structure, but they won't make it easy for you. Anyway, here's what all you budding engineers out there will be capturing soon enough.

Modelled by Guy with a wrench.

IPB Image

Prism Tower

dtrngd has modelled up a new Prism Tower for the allies to defend their bases with. The prism tower works by refracting light through some sort of giant mirror. This effect can be multiplied when multiple Prism Towers fire into each other (we have this working btw).

Here is the model below!

IPB Image

For the full blog by One_Winged_Angel, click here

ApornasPlanet - - 4,121 comments


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sting2death - - 1,403 comments

Awesome !
I am Having HIGH hopes for the upcoming Game !

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Ynkyr - - 94 comments

Great details and nice Prism Tower. I modeled also one some months after ChronoWar died.
Here is it (click link)

Mine is bigger XD

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Darius0101 - - 135 comments

chronowar DIED?!?

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Project.Trinity - - 265 comments

What? No that can't happen...

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tsfan - - 491 comments

great job with the prism towers

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xonone - - 1,601 comments

that prism tower looks sweet.

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justgoaway - - 8,208 comments

That prism tower rulez!!!

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EvilConker - - 317 comments

Are you sure the prism tower might not be a bit OP this time around?

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AntonioHandsome - - 18 comments

Awesome blog. One of the best visually that have been around lately.

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Urch - - 120 comments


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FreedoM*FighteR - - 300 comments

That's some nice modeling work you guys did there =]

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Scarwing - - 418 comments


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