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We have been silent for a while but thats because major updates have just hit Lyto! He has a new design that will fit the overall style better! New animations and some more stuff! We are super close to the finish line for our vertical slice, come take a look!

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Hello you all!

We have been silent for a while but it's for a good reason we swear!! Many things have been done to improve the overall game! We don't want to bother you all with irrelevant info so lets get to the juicy stuff shall we??

Lyto's new look!

Lyto has been through many design changes, in fact if you were to go to our first post on our IndieDB you would see many of the early concepts, surprising to say that there are many more, with this knowledge we were always aware that a design change was possible even in later stages of the game making process and such a change happened.

This occured because we felt that Lyto himself did not fit the overall world, he seemed out of place!


Im sure that despite this not being the final art you can see that the character looks a lot out of place, so it was time for a change, a big change.

Enters new Lyto:

Lyto Cute

We are pretty happy with the overall look, Lyto looks a lot more polished then he first was and he definitely fits the world a lot better now!

As you can see we changed him from front view to 3/4 view so this is his actual in game look, with this change we were finally ready to animate him! So lets get to it shall we?

Lyto is busting some moves!

Not all animations are done yet but some of them are! Lets start off with his idle animation.

Idle Gif

The animation is simple enough just our cute boy breathing the air in!

Lets move on to the running animation!

Run Gif

Jump Animation!

Jump Gif

This specific animation still requires some work, the animation itself is fine for a single jump but since we are adding it to a game were jump durations differ then we have to hold some frames for everything to look fine so don't be surprised when you jump into our vertical slice and notice the difference! I assure you its for the better!

Collecting animation!

Collect Gif

We are still working on the pushing and swinging animations and some other ones but for now these are the ones that are fully finished! Hope you liked them!

Next Up!

For our next post we are aiming to show you all gameplay with all animations working and the final assets of our game!

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LuisChaves - - 51 comments

Ah yes... a classic reference to the iconic ps2 title: Super Bust a Move, known for its top notch box art!

Regarding the animations, I know nobody asked me, but I'd suggest messing a bit with the timing in order to get some sort of ease-in/ ease-out thing going on. Btw, the new design is way less like Sack Boy™...looking good!

Anyway, great job and good luck!

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TrochiStudio Author
TrochiStudio - - 4 comments

Top 3 of our favorite all time games, what a classic...

Honestly i think it was just indieDB compressing the gifs because they were really high resolution, either that or the website that we used to lower their res (yes cause the default one was too big for the site) lowered the fluidness, i guess we will see in game ;)

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ghelaii - - 1 comments

amazing! i love those games! guys i need your hrlp to open this link BAMCLICK1

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