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It is time to put Aurora Heir into public test - I'm happy to announce that game is available for basic testing!

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Pre-alpha demo release

It is time to put Aurora Heir into public test - I'm happy to announce that game is available for basic testing!

BearBear in mind that demo is not stable and might contain bugs. It has limited functionality, yet it should provide impression of what Aurora Heir is aiming to. Installation is very simple, just unzip the file and execute "Aurora Heir.exe".

Aurora Heir Pre-alpha demo v0.1.0

Your feedback is valuable!

If you wish to contribute, please submit any bugs, ideas or enhancement requests to dedicated repository at bitbucket or by email to pihkura.productions@gmail.com. There is in-game "Submit Bug" button, which opens a web page for submitting any kind of feedback and you may do it anonymously if preferred so. In which direction would you like to see this game evolving? Ideas and enhancement requests are warmly welcome! You may also submit comments to indiedb.com, I will be actively reading your input.

Mythical Creatures

Currently game consists of four different mythical creatures, which are Jotuns (Giants), Hiisi trolls, Louhi and Maidens. These creatures will occasionally plague players villages, yet most of them may be tamed by Shamans and this actually is one of the victory conditions. Currently game can be won by either embracing sacred groves or by destroying them and banishing Louhi.


Hag of the North

I've implemented technical functionality for adding lore into the game. If it seems that lore will add to the game, it will be implemented in form of quests or story-line should I say.

First concrete element related to lore is the nemesis, Louhi the Hag of North. Louhi is central character within Finnish folklore (Kalevala by Elias Lönnroth). Here are couple of screenshots of modeling progress and in-game tests. Louhi and Maidens are not yet complete. They are included in the demo with only purpose of being conquered for now. You may try to perish them but they are relatively tough opponents.

Modeling process

Hag Modeling





Flying around



Naturally maps contains a bunch of critters, which can be harvested for food by hunters. Critters will behave according to seasons. IE. in winter bears will hibernate and in spring new cubs and calves will born for various wildlife. Hunting might not be the best choice as only source for food since over-hunting may cause collapse in wildlife population.



All planned advancements and functionality related has now been completed. Advancements unlocks various buildings and bonuses. Here is a complete list of current advancements.



  • Quarrying ~ Quarrying reduces the workload of miners by 25% and enables building Blacksmith.
  • Steel Pickaxes ~ More effective pickaxes speeds up mining tasks by 10%.
  • Refining ~ Refining speeds up mining tasks by additional 25%.


  • Grapple ~ Enhancing logging tools reduces workload of woodcutters by 25% and enables building Foresters.
  • Steel Axes ~ Sharp axes speeds up woodcutting tasks by 10%.
  • Logging ~ Logging speeds up woodcutting tasks by additional 25%.


  • Fishing ~ Enables building fishers.
  • Steel Hooks ~ Speeds up fishing tasks by 10%.
  • Minnows ~ Doubles fishing stock production.


  • Farming ~ Enables building farms.
  • Steel Mattocks ~ Speeds up farm tasks by 10%.
  • Slash'n'Burn ~ Grants doubled fertility for cultivated ground.


  • Hunting ~ Hunting enables building hunters lodge.
  • Steel Arrows ~ Instant game kills.
  • Steel Knives ~ Speeds up butcher tasks by 50%.

Culture & Economy

  • Sauna ~ Enables building Sauna. Saunas can be found on the shores of Finland's numerous lakes. Sauna enhances happiness and provides refreshment for weary it also increases life expectancy by 25%.
  • School ~ Enables building schools and increases life expectancy by 25%.
  • Brewery ~ Brewery enables farming barley, building brewery and brewing beer.
  • Mercantilism ~ Mercantilism enables building marketplaces and trading resources. Assign workers to marketplaces so that they may take care of your resources.


  • Ramparting ~ Ramparting enables building Walls and unlocks Tier 2 for towers, which adds room for additional sentry and fortifies hitpoints by 250.
  • Bulwark ~ Bulwark enables building Armories and unlocks Tier 3 for towers, which will absorb 50% of damage targeted to sentry and fortifies hitpoints by 250.
  • Fortification ~ Fortification unlocks Tier 4 for towers, which further fortifies towers absorbing 90% of damage targeted to sentry and fortifies hitpoints by 250.
  • Citadel ~ Citadel unlocks Tier 5 for towers, which enables building Stone Towers and upgrading Guard Towers. Fortifies also hitpoints of towers by additional 250.


  • Barkskin ~ Fortifies armors of armament reducing incoming damage by 10%.
  • Sharpeners ~ Provides sharpeners for armament, granting 10% additional damage.
  • Remediation ~ Shamans are able to blend more powerful mixtures providing additional 200% of healing. Increases life expectancy by 25%.
  • Sampo ~ Unlocks the secrets of Sampo enabling building of ultimate lifegiver.

Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you!

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