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Aurora Heir is a single player RTS / village builder / tower defense game which rests on Finnish folklore and mythology. Game is based on harvesting various resources and building up from handful of workers into a functional network of villages in which every resident has it's own role. Player may choose to micromanage everything or let workers do the decisions by assigning professions to villagers which will guide their actions and focus on higher level decisions.

Build up your towers, recruit and train war band to protect your domain from various mythical creatures. Establish vital production with fishers, hunters, farmers, miners, woodcutters etc. Beware harsh Nordic winters, which may easily eat up your tribe leaving nothing more than frozen soil behind. Player may choose to embrace or defy ancient gods for decisions like this will determine the outcome of the game. Harness the power of your shamans for interaction with the gods.

There are currently two tribes with different starting conditions and bonuses, which player may choose from. Game consists of five different classes (workers, shamans, warriors, scoundrels and rangers), 19 different professions, 25 different buildings + roads and paths and various critters and mythical creatures.
Maps are randomly generated and contains bunch of various resources, critters and of course space for building your village. Choosing the most efficient starting point in terms of nearby resources and sacred grounds has it's advantages.

This is indie project made with Unity engine and game is currently work in progress.

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Hey all!

It's been a while and Aurora Heir is progressing steadily towards alpha 3.
First of all, I'd like to thank all who tried out alpha 2 and provided valuable feedback!
Feedback is crucial and I am extremely happy that I have received some.

Now then, alpha 3...
I have been improving all existing features and adding several new ones in my TO-DO list.
Here is a brief summary of features, that will be present in upcoming alpha 3 version.

Resource System

The whole resource system has been rewritten so that there will be a bunch of new and different resource types, which are categorized as follows:

  • Miscellaneous
  • Food
  • Minerals
  • Wood
  • Tools
  • Weapons
  • Beverage

Each of these categories contains either harvested raw materials or cultured consumables, which may be crafted in various production buildings. In the end, this contributes towards more interesting resource management and more complex production chains.

I'm now using JSON based configuration for each of the resources, which leads to the fact that I can add or remove resources relatively easily in the future.


Buildings and harvesting

As a part of updated resource system, I've added following new buildings:

  • Blacksmith (this one was already in alpha 2, but with different function)
  • Smelter
  • Tavern
  • Workshop
  • Sawmill

Additionally this basically means that there will be several new professions available.

Also new residential buildings have been added to enable more varying village layouts.



Several existing buildings has also received facelifts with new functionality.
In alpha 3 player may assign desired harvest zones for buildings and farms can now grow either turnips, potatoes or barley.




Nomads and trading

I decided to add nomads to the game, who are neutral native people with hunter-gatherer lifestyle.
They live in tepees and migrate according to natural yield. They might be willing to trade resources with player providing vital assistance in dire times.
Player just have to figure out first where to find them.

GUI 02

Storage Management

Storage buildings have now own inventory of resources instead of only expanding overall storage capacity. This also means, that resources must be hauled to closest storage with sufficient space for the resource.

Workers in production buildings must fetch resources from storage for recipes that they craft, alternatively player may assign conveyors to Sheds, which will handle the distribution of resources.


Many of the advancements has been re-designed and whole new branch has been added to "tech tree".
New and more effective tools and weapons may be unlocked from dedicated branch.

Other enhancements

Based on feedback received, I've fixed several bugs and hopefully the game plays much better in the future.

As usual, camera controller, environmental details, weather effects, navigation etc. has all received various updates and additions.




Thanks for reading!

Dev update - what has happened during the summer

Dev update - what has happened during the summer

News 3 comments

It's been a while since last update and now it is time to get hands dirty again. Here is a list of updates that has been completed or I'm currently working...

Have mercy on hunters | demo update (v0.1.2)

Have mercy on hunters | demo update (v0.1.2)


It is time to release a bug fix patch and couple of requested enhancements into Aurora Heir. Free demo update available!

Aurora Heir Pre-alpha demo available

Aurora Heir Pre-alpha demo available


It is time to put Aurora Heir into public test - I'm happy to announce that game is available for basic testing!

Dev Blog: Building tiers / roads & paths etc.

Dev Blog: Building tiers / roads & paths etc.


Aurora Heir progress update and introduction to new features such as resource transportation and building upgrade paths.

RSS Files
Auora Heir Alpha Demo v0.2.0 (public test)

Auora Heir Alpha Demo v0.2.0 (public test)

Demo 4 comments

This is early Alpha v0.2.0 of Aurora Heir (public test).

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Nice! +1

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Karnarnar Creator

Thanks :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote


A bug in the creative mod: when new villager came, I can't control more then 8 villagers.

So i build new buildings and I can't give them a task...

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Karnarnar Creator

Hello and many thanks for the bug report, will be investigating this more closely. Please use in-game "Submit Bug" button or direct email for bugs in the future. It is really hard to keep up if bugs are submitted from several different forums :) And thanks for trying it out!

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where is the download button in the pc laucher

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Karnarnar Creator

Oh sorry missed this comment.
There is no download button in game, please browse latest version in files section of IndieDB.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

How can I download this says I can’t ?

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Karnarnar Creator

Hey there, demos of Aurora Heir within indieDB are currently outdated.

I will be posting new demo as soon as I complete features & bug fixes on my todo list.

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downloded aurora-pre-alpha-demo-v0.1.0, expanded it and ran the Aurora Heir app file. the program loads, the cursor changes in that window, the music plays, and a flyover of forest shows, but nothing else happens. its been playing for 10 minutes, but responds to nothing. I've tried mouse keys, space br, all the keys on the keyboard, it just keeps cycling the music and the flyover scene,

How do I start the game?

(windows 7 laptop 4 Gig Ram, internal graphics)

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Karnarnar Creator

Hey, there are control buttons at the right bottom corner of the screen. The right-most button "+" is for new game.

- Power Icon = Exit game
- Bug Icon = submitting bugs
- Note Icon = Credits
- Cog Icon = Options
- Arrow Up Icon = Load saved game
- Plus Icon = New game

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Couple of screenshots of upcoming Aurora Heir alpha 3 test game with updated GUI elements. #indiegame #indiedevT.co

Nov 23 2019

Hey All! It's been a while and Aurora Heir alpha 3 is progressing steadily. Here is a capture of one of the upcomi… T.co

Nov 20 2019

Aurora Heir alpha v0.2.0 (public test) has just been released via IndieDB. Check out current status of development: Indiedb.com

Aug 25 2019

Thumbs up for part 2 of Aurora Heir by @nookrium! In finnish this time: Iso kiitos! Youtube.com

Aug 23 2019

Check out this awesome video of Aurora Heir by @nookrium Respect! Youtube.com

Aug 22 2019

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