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This one is actually loaded with content from the latest 6 blogs together due to the lack of moddb blog updates.

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Propaganda Truck

Propaganda truck

Guy with a wrench has been modelling up some more vehicles. This time he's got the propaganda truck for you to see.

Allied Barracks Interior Textured

The minor weakpointKitchen corner
More interior props

TheBeerinator rocks!

Updated IFV model

The old model had quite a nasty mesh, so One_Winged_Angel decided to redo it. It's looking more like the RA2 IFV as well as featuring a fully-rotating turret now!

Soviet Barracks Interior Completion Imminent

Office updated
The transformer (minor weakpoint)

dtrngd has been working a lot on the soviet barracks and has it nearly completed.

Soviet Barracks Statue
Soviet Barracks Statue

This statue was destined for the Soviet Barracks so it could watch over the battlefield and inspire the troops with it's hard communist exterior. Modelled by One_Winged_Angel.

If you'd like to check out the full blogs, go here:

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Kriegsherr - - 557 comments

lol propaganda truck spam FTW

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Barracks is looking really nice!

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