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A short update on the latest progress on Kyn, the trailer, and the demo we are working on.

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An update long overdue!

It has been over a year since I made a post for Kyn. Up to this point we have been working quietly on Kyn, and the game is shaping up nicely! But...maybe we have been a bit too quiet, so it is time to make amends!


So what have we been up to? At this point all the tech for Kyn is done. This means that most of the programming is behind us. All the graphics are in, skills, AI, equipment, it is all done. We are now building the levels, polishing, testing and we still need to do a lot of work on balancing the skills and equipment.

Last week we built and released the trailer.

We built the entire thing in about a week, and somehow this was a particularly tough crunch because we really wanted to get it done within that week. Sleeping only 2 hours a night is not very fun, so I am not planning to repeat it soon. Who could have thought making a 1 minute trailer could be so much work!

However, I think it was really worth it, we got an article on IGN, PC Games, and some other big local game sites. We got some talk going on RPG forums, so I am looking forward to going to these forums and talking with people about Kyn. I also got some really nice mails from really nice people so that gave us a lot of energy!


We also got some requests for a wallpaper of sheep. So here you go, sheep is angry, but he still loves you! I might need to make a higher resolution one at some point.

After the trailer we continued on a demo for Kyn and that is now shaping up nicely.

What is next?

Well, I want to start showing more of the game. The trailer is more of a teaser so the next step is to start blogging more about what Kyn actually is, start doing video logs and we are also planning to put some time in a wiki.

B.R.V - - 96 comments

Sheep just got meal...

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SIGILL - - 1,157 comments

Oh my, that trailer and (especially) the sheep got me insta-hyped! Well, kind of. Let's say.. interested in the game :)

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Tangrin Author
Tangrin - - 11 comments

There is nothing wrong with liking sheep you know ;).

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SIGILL - - 1,157 comments

Aww that smiley makes it sound so wrong nonetheless :(

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acmecuolt - - 40 comments


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