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After months of work and skipped Alpha 3, the CoffeeBiz Tycoon Alpha 4 update is released!

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After months of work and skipped Alpha 3, the CoffeeBiz Tycoon Alpha 4 update is released!

Key changes

New objects placing system
Kiosks and A-board advertisements can be moved around the district. No more "lost" and its restrictions, you can run your business almost anywhere.


New ingredients system
Rewritten from scratch. Every ingredient now can be different quality, have different taste and freshness


New marketing system

Customers evaluate and make decisions about where to drink (or not to drink) a coffee in a new, more complicated way. And players now have new instruments to understand customers' needs. Also, each kiosk now can be promoted on every district, even if it's not placed at all.


More automatization
Managers now can automatically clean kiosk, buy ingredients and service or repair coffee machines.

Full changelog


  • "Lots" removed
  • Kiosks can be placed at many different positions with different rent prices
  • Kiosk mounting time showing above the kiosk
  • CLOSE label removed while the kiosk is in placing mode
  • More information about districts
  • Faster load game mechanics
  • Equipment renamed to upgrades and moved to new kiosk panel tab
  • Each kiosk have its unique possible upgrades
  • Movable advertisement a-boards
  • Customers who know or see kiosk or its advertisement can be highlighted
  • Kiosk and all its adv zones can be shown by one button
  • Three competitors kiosk at downtown, one at industrial districts
  • New ingredients system
  • Different ingredients taste
  • Ingredients freshness
  • Ingredients auto buy
  • Marketing funnel
  • The owner (player) can work as a barista
  • Updated tutorial
  • Campaign and sandbox modes
  • Known and visible kiosks shown in the customers' details panel
  • Snacks and drinks sales are different for different customer types and their wealth
  • Incorporation available only after some coffee brewed
  • Competitor zone can be shown
  • Customers distinct valuation
  • Customers forget about kiosk
  • Market share graphs of the district
  • Adverts aggressiveness are configurable
  • Auto repair and auto service of coffee machines
  • Auto clean of kiosks
  • Business points removed
  • Advertisement campaign can be canceled
  • Different company colors
  • Campaign winning condition
  • Neighborhood kiosk campaign
  • The coffee machine can be serviced without closing kiosk
  • Mouse wheel zoom in/out
  • Pause on keyboard ` key
  • Competitor kiosk can be vandalized
  • First research tiers cheaper


  • Different kiosk outlines in placing and placed modes
  • Some kiosk 3d models fixed
  • Kiosk colliders fixed
  • Face generation saves bugs fixed
  • Kiosk attractiveness info changes at the moment kiosk upgraded
  • Log saves reworked to reduce save-load speed
  • Industry and tourists marketing values fixed
  • Not placed kiosk image fixed
  • Adv image after load game fixed
  • Adv contacts calc right
  • Used coffee machines prices
  • Subway entrance customers stop fixed
  • Permanent tooltip help
  • Kiosk work in progress 2d and 3d models

Some screenshots of Alpha4

1 1080

2 1080

3 1080

4 1080


Nice job sir!

(dev of Computer Tycoon)

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TheSociopathSoftware Author


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