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After 3 years of hard work and many many changes, the game is almost done! Can't wait to learn what do people think of a game with a very different gameplay style.

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After 3 years of hard work the game is almost done!
Here are some major changes I've made.

New Level selection screen is now a Galaxy map with 4 sectors: ALPHA, BETA, GAMMA and DELTA.

Added some new challenges such as LOCKED CRATE. You'll need 4 different colour coded keys to open it or a Rainbow key.




After you collect a key, it will be automatically placed in the proper slot on the crate. When all the keys are collected, the crate will open as you approach it. Inside you will find a Q-Mod to open the Wormhole or supplies like Fuel Cells or Battery Cells.

Here are the current Paint Jobs. Keep in mind that all paint jobs can be customised and every colour can be changed and saved.

Hope to finish the last 10 levels very soon and launch the final Pre Release Beta Test.

Miljan Bojovic

POLIEXA Entertainment

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