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Todays article is a continuation of last week article. Today we will talk about the forest level.

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Hello everyone, today will present you the concept art of our next level in Alena's Tale, the forest level. After leaving her village Alena enters in a dense and mysterious forest near the lake shore.


This is the cable car house that connects the village to the outside.


Alena will need to cross this forest in order to progress with her mission. She will have to solve some puzzles and avoid traps to survive this dark forest.

Forest Thumbnail

Thumbnails of the fores

For now we will stick with more darker colours, giving a feeling of mystery and lostness. The path the lays ahead can be dangerous, pay attention where you put you feet...

Forest Concept Art

Screenshot 2021 04 10 at 16 23 2

Although we have the big trees and other kind of small vegetation in the previous images, we will also have more detailed plants to decorate our world.

Plants Concept Art

Plants Project GoldenCherryPlants Project PurplePlant

Plants Project White lirioPlants Project ALgeaStar

Plants Project BulbahearthPlants Project rubiTree

Plants Project Big Tree

These are some typical plants of this world, the are from different sizes and colours but are are scattered around the world.

Webp net gifmaker

Tell us witch one do you like the most, see you next week.

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