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A Step Into Darkness's Steam Store page goes live.

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Hey guys,

A Step Into Darkness is now live on the Steam Store! You can check it out here -


After receiving lots of feedback from the over 1,700 people that played the closed beta we began working on the suggested changes and highlighted bugs. The next closed beta update will be available in approximately 2 weeks. So much has changed since the first Steam beta! We expect a open release on Steam late Q1. If you would like a key to test the game during the next beta please add me on Steam or message me on Twitter.

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Media coverage

We have contacted many people involved in the press industry with regards to A Step Into Darkness but we are still looking for coverage! If you are a YouTuber or games-related site wanting a key please email me - gameorchardgames@gmail.com

Here are some sites the games got on to - GiantBomb, MetaCritic and GameSpot

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Here is the Steam trailer of ASID. Much thought and time went into the production of this video, from the production of the music to decision of what style best represented and portrayed our creation.

That is it for this development update! Thank you for helping the game get this far, without you, the players we would not be here today.

Eoin Clifford,



2113industries - - 3 comments

I think you should be more forthcoming with the overall story of the game. After reading the description and watching the trailer I still really have no idea what the game is about and what you're supposed to accomplish.

I know you don't want to give away so much of the story that it ruins the game, but I think giving people a more clear idea of they'll be doing in the game would help to attract more players.

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CliffTheDev Author
CliffTheDev - - 51 comments



I appreciate for the feedback. Here's a slightly more elaborate description of the game. I will update the Steam Store page to something similar to this within the next two days.

Description ( Story ) :

Martin Preston is a journalist who made the biggest mistake of his life.

Now, his loved one is in a coma and he will soon run out of money to pay for her treatment.

He is contacted by his boss Adrian Woods who offers him a chance of redemption: If he uncovers the origins of "Darkness" as the grand finale of "Earth's Untold Horrors" a series of documentaries Adrian will cover the hospital expenses of Martin's love, in full.

Armed with nothing, but a camera, Martin must enter the woods and delve into the mysteries surrounding the monster 'Darkness' and his murderous activities. It may seem a suicidal mission. But desperate times call for desperate measures.

Martin ventures to the forest where he encounters the traces in a mystery long forgotten, that of Frank Conway, a police officer part of the 'Darkness' case in the 80s.

You must find the tapes left behind by Conway, during his attempts to find his son who was taken soon after Conway was sacked from his job for asking too many questions during the 'Darkness' case.

I hope that is elaborate enough to intrigue the player while not giving the whole plot away. Please let me know if you have any feedback with regards to the new description

- Eoin Clifford (@gameorchard)

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