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Check out our second batch of ingame models and some more new artwork!

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Greetings everyone!

Today we would like to share our second batch of ingame models designed for Jinx: Womb of Cosmos. You can find the first group in our previous article here. We also have some new artwork for you!


Ysgrak’tos is the Scourge of the Umani, one of the four Destroyers created by the god of Undeath, to punish the race of Umani for their wrongdoings against him.

The Enforcer of Sandthorn Company, is a martial artist of great skill as well as a time bender and telepath.

A sad persona, hanging around graves and singing lamentations to those who have departed. He may or may not be a quest giver.

This little sinister plague filled pumpkin can decimate the entire party if left unchecked. Kill it on sight or else…

For more model showcases follow us on Sketchfab!


Fire is the path of devastation and he who commands the Eternal Flame is the bringer of absolute mayhem and ruination. Often called Pyromancers, those that study the element of Fire are very dangerous opponents, because the majority of their spells are both devastating to most living beings, and very difficult to avoid.

Fire Elementalist

The magic of Water grants access to a diverse collection of powers, much as the fluidity of water itself. Powerful waves can crush, strong currents can carry away, cleansing cascades can purify, and soothing streams can even heal. An Aquamancer studies control and emulation of water in all things, and bodies of water sometimes respond to his presence.

water elementalist

For more artwork images check out our website: Jinxrealm.com

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Thank you!

The Jinxsoft Team

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