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Post news RSS 0.0.18 Update, Devstreams, and Community Videos!

We update you on the latest Foxhole news, including the release of two new updates, our first ever Dev Streams, and the best community made videos.

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Game Updates

These past two weeks we released two major updates.

Update 0.0.17

We added an entirely new world zone to the game called the Upper Heartlands. We also introduced Coalitions to the game, which allows players to form a temporary alliance during a war. Coalition members can share secured access to certain structures and also have a private text chat channel. We hope to add more features to the Coalition system in the future! The Barracks structure is a new buildable structure that allows for more effective forward operations. Finally, we added spatial voice chat that allows you to speak nearby players.

Update 0.0.18

We added a couple of neat features this update. Firstly, Coalition officers can now add mission objectives that are visible on the map. This should help faction members coordinate more effectively. Next, we added the capability of players to take cover in Foxholes and Pillboxes. Finally, we added an item requisition system that will allow Coalition's to share weapons and equipment to faction members.

Developer Streams

Several weeks ago the team felt it was the right time to start doing developer streams. You can watch the first two streams right here. Besides going through the latest highlights from the community and talking about new game features, we also do a Q&A at the end of each session.

Dev Stream #1

Dev Stream #2

Community Videos

Here are the highlights from the best community made videos from the last few weeks.

Assault on Brine Glen from War #11 by KrazyFlyinChicken

Full Weekly War #12 report by KrazyFlyinChicken

Latest Updates video by I Saw A Bear

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