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My favorite genres include 'in no particular order' RPG's, RTS, FPS, Shmups, Breakouts, Wacky & Psychedelic Indie games, Survival games, Simulation & Tower Defense games. TBH, I enjoy most genres apart from TM games, but what I play usually depends on my mood, whether a friend is available for coop gaming, or what I've just purchased. Some of my all time favorite games include Darklands, the Elder Scrolls franchise, Civilization, Baldurs Gate, Geometry Wars, Raptor, The Total War franchise, The Longest Journey, Under A Steel Sky, Aky's XP Breakout, Ricochet Infinity, Incrediball: The Seven Sapphires, Gish, Dune, Command & Conquer, BFVietnam, BF2, Conflict Vietnam, Vietcong, Men of Valor, Men of Honor: Pacific Assault, Far Cry 1 & 2,ArmA II & 3, Rollercoaster Tycoon and Conan Exiles. My go to game at the moment is my old favorite (and one of the best games ever released) Battlefield 2.

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Masha Rescues Grandma

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Masha Rescues Grandma is a good looking point and click adventure game. For the price it's an okay buy, especially if its in one of Steams classic and regular sales. At full price it costs less than £3. Depending on how skillful you are at completing the mini games tat are inter-dispersed among the main game, you can complete this game in less than 15 minutes yo to around an hour.

I got the game for free via the gamegiveawayoftheday, and unlike many of the games givena way there this one is remaining in my library. A decent family oriented game. 7 out of 10



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