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Masha Rescues Grandma Masha rescues GrandMa is an adventure game along with mini-games intended for all, young and seniors. Masha is a lovely mischievous girl, and very brave. She was invited by her grandmother to come and enjoy afternoon tea. Of course, Masha will have to go through the forest, the dangerous forest to reach the home of her grandmother. She will meet several people taken from the best fairy tales and also the Big Bad Wolf. Facing the Wolf, Masha will either flee for her life or either decide to confront him. You can, in different situations, need access to Masha’s inventory and combine objects together to create a new one. Masha rescues GrandMa has also several mini-games that require to think carefully to be able to find the solution and progress in the game.Help, Rescue Grandma...

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SlickWhiteRabbit says

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Masha Rescues Grandma is a good looking point and click adventure game. For the price it's an okay buy, especially if its in one of Steams classic and regular sales. At full price it costs less than £3. Depending on how skillful you are at completing the mini games tat are inter-dispersed among the main game, you can complete this game in less than 15 minutes yo to around an hour.

I got the game for free via the gamegiveawayoftheday, and unlike many of the games givena way there this one is remaining in my library. A decent family oriented game. 7 out of 10

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