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My favorite genres include 'in no particular order' RPG's, RTS, FPS, Shmups, Breakouts, Wacky & Psychedelic Indie games, Survival games, Simulation & Tower Defense games. TBH, I enjoy most genres apart from TM games, but what I play usually depends on my mood, whether a friend is available for coop gaming, or what I've just purchased. Some of my all time favorite games include Darklands, the Elder Scrolls franchise, Civilization, Baldurs Gate, Geometry Wars, Raptor, The Total War franchise, The Longest Journey, Under A Steel Sky, Aky's XP Breakout, Ricochet Infinity, Incrediball: The Seven Sapphires, Gish, Dune, Command & Conquer, BFVietnam, BF2, Conflict Vietnam, Vietcong, Men of Valor, Men of Honor: Pacific Assault, Far Cry 1 & 2,ArmA II & 3, Rollercoaster Tycoon and Conan Exiles. My go to game at the moment is my old favorite (and one of the best games ever released) Battlefield 2.

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Wow, its been so long since I posted here. I've recently got back into playing battlefield 2, a game I still consider one of the best fist person shooters of its type ever. I played battlefield 2 from its release 14 years ago and religiously virtually every day for almost 4 years. Family, life and other games (ArmA, Crysis etc) got in the way.

I've since returned to BF2 a couple of times, including a couple of months ago, when I realised how much I'd missed playing this game. I had a lot of the old mods and maps backed up on disks and external drives. Annoyingly I dropped the external before I'd had the chance to download everything and becasue of the damage, I lost everything, so for the past several weeks every day I've been visiting all the sites that still host Battlefield mods and maps downloading as i always like to have everything at hand. Anyway, while doing that I was also jumping into the game every day. In fact BF2 has replaced what has been my main game since 2014, The Elder Scrolls Oline. I've hardly touched it for several weeks and have even avoided the latest dlc addon to ESO which was released about a week ago and which I'd pre-ordered. BF2 seems to have grabbed me again. Back in the early days I used to beta test for several modders such as Hayabusa (Mercenaries Mod), The Dark, MadOsga (Marines mod), Froachman, Homegrown and BigFootUS48 for the MCC mod and other mappers such as BeerPizzaChips and ShaneJohn. I love the game and loved spending time checking out new material. I'm even thinking of doing some modding myself. All I need to do is actually start, which has always been a problem for me. Once started I usually sink myself deep. I just need to complete a couple of projects and BF2 may just be my next new project. Maybe its 14 years late, but I see that there is still a very active modding community for the game.

Watch this space (probably once the summer vacation period starts late in July)

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Hallo Herr, I'm saw that you commenting entire BF2 mod and addons. I wanted to say thank you for appreciate the modders works.

Keep up with your positive spirits, even a small thing like giving appreciation comments make my day thousand times better.

Also I'm feel sorry to heard about your incident past few years ago, I hope you're fine.

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SlickWhiteRabbit Creator

Battelfield Vietnam and Battlefield 1942 also 'had' modding communities, but I have rarely seen anything created for those games for years. Whereas the BF2 community is almost as vibrant as it was back in 2005 to 2009, which just goes to show how good BF2 is.

You'll find quite a few Battlefield Vietnam custom maps, at least there used to be at least 60 or 70, though nowhere near as many as BF2. (I have around 800 single player maps in my vanilla folder at the moment).

Also, some of the big mods such as Eve of Destruction created mods for BFV. I think one of the reasons there isn't that much for BFV compared to BF2 is that it was released about 15 months before BF2, and BF1942 was still popular at the time, especially as the last expansion Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII had only been released six months prior to Battlefield Vietnam, so the modding community was still relatively new, whereas BF2 had better graphics and an updated engine, which appealed to the Battlefield community.

I still love playing BFV, but at the moment BF2 take precedence and will do for quite some time as I do really want to create some maps for the game. I may even try and navmesh that Fast & Furious map you mentioned you'd like to see navmeshed. but we shall see if I actually do. :)

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Anthony817 Online

Hi, you mentioned something I just noticed on out Battlefield Korea mod.

"My final question is does The Dark still help out with the modding team? The last time I spoke to him (2 yeas ago) was when he was still making maps for general release and for the Mercs and MCC mods. He suddenly disappeared while working on a really cool map that was never released. (I have a copy of the almost ready for release map) but he'd mentioned that he was getting more involved with your mod. He'd be brilliant at creating maps for the mod if he's still around. unfortunately his site wet down a year ago and i've not seen any sign of him since."


Did you mean you had an almost finished map for the BFK mod from Dark? If so, do you still happen to have it? We have just revived the mod and are looking for good maps to use since we lack a dedicated mapper.

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SlickWhiteRabbit Creator

I've also promised myself I'd revisit some of my older games such as Vietcong, the early Need for Speed games, Men of Valor and the early Battlefield games (Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield Vietnam and the first ArmA game. I'm even thinking of creating a few maps for the latter and maybe Battlefield 2 (BF2). I've already planned out around 15 for BF2; all I need to do now is find the editor tutorial and the editor for these games. I've got them backed up on one of the hundreds of DVD's and blu Ray discs I've used to back up many of the files I've downloaded over the last 20 years. (I have around a terabyte of mods and maps just for Battlefield 2 alone (most are stored on an exteral hard drive), plus many for the other Battlefield games, the ArmA franchise, Unreal Tournamanet 2004 and UT3, The Elder Scrolls III, IV and V as well as several other mode-able games such as Fallout 3.

I'm really looking forwards to 2014..... I hope - l you are too. :)

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SlickWhiteRabbit Creator

Anyway, Happy New Year to all gamers. I hope the coming year see's some great games. I'm looking forwards to the following games this year:

Dying light
The Battles of King Arthur
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Dragonage: Inquisition
Total War: Arena
Tom Clancy's: The Division
The Elder Scrolls Online (doing a stress test tomorrow via the beta)

plus loads more indie games and a few other AAA titles.

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SlickWhiteRabbit Creator

My new years resolution is to attempt to play every one of the games i've not played yet. I've got to spend at least a minimum of 1 hour on each game. Unfortunately there are several that I can't get to work on my present system (Win 8.1, i7- 3.4GHz, Nvidia GTX 580 Phantom x 2). I've tried all the usual game forums to find fixes, but no joy so far. My last resort is the developers, but from previous experience, most of the bigger developers can't be bothered. some of the smaller indie developers on the other hand are pretty good at helping.

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SlickWhiteRabbit Creator

Well, it's been ages since I last posted on my profile here on Desura. I've not been able to access my Desura client for several months for some unknown reason. Actually fed up with the problems i've had for well over ayear now. I've deleted the client then reinstalled it, cleared out my registry of what I think are Desura related hives, but still no joy. I may have to reinstall the windows client.

Thankfully while doing some spring cleaning of one of my disk drives (it was almost full so I decided to clear away all the junk I'd accumulated since the last format (generally i format most of my discs at least once a year) and back up stuff worth keeping onto 25GB Blu Ray discs. Amazingly I managed to clear over 300GB from the 2TB drive. It's at this point I discovered I didn't need to play my games via Desura, I just needed to find where the games were installed to then click on the games executable within the Desura folder

i.e. default C > My Programs (x86) > Desura > Common >

That still doesn't help me play the most recent games I've purchased on Desura or via Indie Royale and Desura on Firefox or the Google Chrome browser. Only those games I installed before the problem arose back in June last year can be played as I've not been able to install any of my recent purchases or the Desura keys you get via Indie Royale and sometimes other bundles. . Grrrr.

Since the last two Steam sales (Black Friday and the Christmas Sale) and since my last comment back in June, my Steam game numbers have risen to over 2400 with around 2250 dlc. I've got to stop that obsession until I've played most of my backlog, which stands at around 400 games.

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SlickWhiteRabbit Creator

I finally got the three game sI mentioned in a previous post working, but it took me until I installed Win 8 a few months ago (apart from the Need for Speed game which I sorted a week or so after the post. That just needed an extra line added in my registry. The fix I found in the Steam forums. :)

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SlickWhiteRabbit Creator

update on my Steam games. My total count is now 3629 games, but that includes dlc's and I think strategy guides. the actuial number of games after you take away the extra's for each game comes to 2025 as of the 14th June (I'll be adding more soon, with pre-orders to sort and the summer sale on the horizon probably the end of June).

I've also recently found a good community of gamers mainly hailing from the Game Collectors group. Guys (and Gals) with a thousand plus Steam games and god knows how many from other sources. If they are anything like me, they will probably have thousands. Though recently I've been confining my purchases to Steam and Desura unless the game isn't available from these sources. (e.g. Origin)

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SlickWhiteRabbit Creator

18 months into backing my first kickstarter, now i've backed over 70. Though have cut down on the numbers recently simply becasue it was getting expensive. The draw of extra goodies on the higer tiers was getting tempting. :)

I'll still continue to back some projects, but only those I think will be brilliant. The rest I'll purchase when they appear on Desura or Steam.

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