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Welcome to my ModDB profile page.
My name is Martin and I'm a Technical Artist (TA) from Stockholm, Sweden. I started out my career in game development as a 3D Artist in late 2010, working with art production on a wide range of different platforms (PC, Xbox 360, PS3, iOS, Android). As a Tech Artist I work in the twilight zone between Programming and Art. Responsibilities involves things like: Tools development, Improving artist workflows, Writing shaders, Rigging, Research & Development, Prototyping, Technical Writing (Documentation), Teaching artists and probably most importantly: design as well as maintain new or existing pipelines. Currently I am working at King - an Activision-Blizzard division.

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:: Changelist ::

-New: Multi-Stitch! "Stitch Shells" has been vastly improved and now work on multi-edge selections spanning over multiple shells!.
-New: Stitch will now always stitch the smaller shell to the largest when the user use the left mouse button - and vice versa for the right mouse button.
-New: Multi-tile (UDIM) support has been added to Snapshot UV's.
-New: Match UV's has been vastly improved and now has a much better matching -algorithm. It is now approximately 50 times faster than the old Match UV's!
-New: Get TD and Set TD now works on any selection (mesh, edge, face, vert, UV). Additionally, Get TD will calculate and get the average TD of all the faces!
-New: It is now possible to store component and mesh selections in variables. Left/Right -click the A and B icons on the top bar to load/save a selection.
-New: NSUV now displays a welcome screen when being run for the first time (contains a button for creating a NSUV-icon on the active shelf!)
-New: NSUV now displays "Tip of the Day" every time it starts up (it can be turned off). The TotD will inform the user about various neat features in NSUV.
-New: UV Editor Display Settings -window. Gathers all display settings in one place.
-New: It is now possible to individually normalize all shells in a selection. (Normalize UVs options).
-UI: The "Unwrap" frame has been removed and replaced by two new frames: "Cut/Sew" and "Unfold".
-UI: The Align Shells -buttons have been gathered under ONE icon (via right-click menu).
-UI: The Align UV's -buttons have been gathered under ONE icon (via right-click menu).
-UI: The Pivot Cycling -buttons have been gathered under ONE icon (via right-click menu).
-UI: The Calculate Distance and Angle -buttons have been gathered under ONE icon (via right-click menu).
-UI: Distribute Shells is now gathered under ONE button and has an options window on right-click.
-UI: Layout Shells is now gathered under ONE button and has a custom options window on right-click. Supports the new Unfold3D -stuff from 2016 Extension 2.
-UI: Normalize/Unitize UVs now has a custom options window.
-UI: The Polygons menu has been reworked. Now all menu items go to NSUV functions instead of native ones. Some abundant icons have been removed as well.
-UI: The Image menu has been renamed "Display" and now contains all display toggles also available on the visibility bar.
-UI: The Selection menu has been revamped and now contains even more selection options.
-UI: Some items on the "View" menu has been moved to the "Display" menu.
-UI: You can now open up the NSUV manual via the NSUV menu.
-Bugfix: NSUV will no longer load the UI module before the optVars module, resulting in "KeyError".
-Bugfix: Copy UV Set now works as it's supposed to.
-Bugfix: Duplicate entires should no longer appear in the UV Set Editor list or the Copy UV set list.
-Bugfix: When duplicating UV sets, the new name is always based on the current and the name is always incremented properly.
-Bugfix: Clicking a UV set in the UV set list when you have a UV selection no longer clears the selection.
-Bugfix: "Snap Shells (A->B)" has been fixed. Previously it would incorrectly act on border UV's only - but now it will act on entire shells as expected.
-Bugfix: Fixed a calculation error when distributing shells towards a target.
-Bugfix: Fixed a bug with the icon group toggles on the visibility bar.
-Bugfix: The reset button on the Relax/Optimize UI now works properly.
-Bugfix: When using Select: "Contained Faces" or "Connected Faces" you will no longer get stuck with a multi-component selection. Additionally the selection type will switch over to faces.
-Bugfix: The scale value of Randomize Shells should no longer be cast as an int by mistake when using a float ending with 0.
-Bugfix: Clicking reset in the UV snapshot window will no longer prevent the window from popping up.
-Bugfix: The UV Snapshot window will no longer generate files with double extensions.
-Misc: All UV editor features that are new in Maya 2016 ext 2 has been added in NSUV (Symmetry and Auto Seams).
-Misc: Automatic mapping and Planar mapping now projects UV's with "keep image ratio" on by default.
-Misc: The Planar Map popup menu is now available on Right Click instead of Left Click. Left click will perform a planar map using the last options used.
-Misc: The Copy UV Set popup menu is now available on Right Click instead of Left Click. Left click will perform a Copy using the last options used.
-Misc: All projection shortcuts on the marking menu now have option boxes.
-Misc: Normal-based mapping will now do a quick unfold and orient shells after projecting the UV's, and no longer convert the selection to the mesh.
-Misc: Flipped the filtered image display option. You are now actually turning on filtered display (smoothing) instead of turning on UNfiltering which is confusing.
-Misc: Improved shelf button. The shelf button script now properly closes down the native UV Editor if it exists.
-Misc: It is now possible to access the move/sculpt UV -tool brush options by right clicking said icons.
-Misc: Distribute Shells now properly gives off an error when trying to use it without a UV selection
-Misc: Randomize shells now randomize translation by default to avoid confusion (users reported it not working with the default settings).
-Misc: The lowest translation value for Randomize Shells has been lowered from 0.01 to 0.001.
-Misc: Set TD and Stack UVs now works on face selections.
-Misc: panel.mel and toolbar.mel has been completely rewritten in PyMEL.
-Misc: All windows in NSUV are now sizeable.
-Misc: NSUV will now check your selection for polygon components before doing isolate select: add or remove.
-Misc: The UV Set icons have been adjusted to be more in line with the native UV Set icons.
-Deprecated: All support for NURBs UVs have been dropped for the sole reason that their implementation in Maya (by Autodesk) has always been exceptionally poor.
-Deprecated: All support for the legacy subdiv -surfaces have been dropped. (Deprecated by Autodesk in 2012 anyways).
-Deprecated: Support for Maya 2012 has officially been dropped. However, NSUV will still launch in 2012 and most features (99.9%) will still work.

:: Feature list ::

-Advanced UV manipulator: Less typing, more options.
-Orient shells: Orients shells straight.
-Orient edge: Orient UV shell(s) around a UV/edge selection.
-Stack shells: Stack shells on top of each other.
-Match shells: Match UV's to their closest neighbors.
-Straighten shell: Straighten edge loop and unfold shell around it.
-Straighten UV's: Straighten all edge loops in a UV selection.
-Multi-Stitch: Move, sew and scale like in 3D Studio Max (Stitch selected).
-Randomize shells: Randomize shells individually.
-Distribute shells side-by-side with even or no spacing in between
-Align UV's to min, max or average U or V.
-Align shells to min, max or average U or V.
-Snap shells to the UV range bounds (eight directions +center).
-Snap shells A to B: Connects two shells via two UV's.
-Spread shells: Unstangles and unstacks your shells neatly.
-Gather shells: Offset back shells that are outside the 0->1 range.
-Unfold UV's along U/V only with the click of a button.
-Normalize shells: Normalize along U, V, UV or UV with stretch.
-Layout UV's along a U or V -strip.
-Structured and logical user-interface with 4k resolution support.
-Custom Unfold/Relax/Layout/Normalize windows with extended options.
-Powerful new marking menu.
-Extended UV projection tools, such as normal-based mapping.
-New powerful snapshot window with multi-tile/UDIM support, and the ability to easily make 2:1 ratio snapshots.
-Integrated UV Set Editor: Native functionality fully implemented.
-UV Set Order Manager: Manually override the internal UV set order
-Texel density control: Scales shells to the same texel density.
-Fetch texel density from any face selection.
-Rotate, scale, transform and flip shells around custom pivots.
-Relative rotate/scale: Rotate/scale shells around their own pivots.
-Cycle pivot point position around the four corners of the selection bounding box or the UV range bounds.
-Measure the distance between two UV coords: in pixels or units.
-Calculate angle between two UV coords.
-Checkbox for the "Retain component spacing" -option.
-Buttons for saving/loading component selections.
-Buttons for Copy, Paste and Delete UV's.
-Buttons for pinning UV's (Maya 2016 and later only).
-NSUV top menu with a workflow guide as well as tips and tricks.
-Custom UV display window that collects all editor and shell display options in one place.
-Cycle edge colors: Change color on selected edges.

:: License ::

The free version of Nightshade UV Editor (intended for NON-COMMERCIAL use) is licensed under Creative CommonsAttribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-ND 4.0).

For the legal version of that license including a human-readable format of that license, please visit Creative Commons official website.

For COMMERCIAL use of Nightshade UV Editor - such as for freelance work or in a studio/production environment - you are required to purchase the pro version available on this page!
One license = One person

Link to NSUV Free (non-commercial version):

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Kark-Jocke Online

✯ I wish you a happy late new year! Nightshade ( Moddb.com ) ✯

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Nightshade Creator

Thanks. Happy new year!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hey there! Checked out your portfolio when you responded to my thread. I must say, it's really impressive!

Keep up the awesome work ^^

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Nightshade Creator

Hey! I'm glad to hear that coz everytime -I- look at it I feel that there could be so much improvements and that the portfolio doesn't really reflect my true skill. But thanks for the comment :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

A couple of days I was about to comment here about whether you were still visiting this site, but now I see you posting again so.. welcome back? :P

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Nightshade Creator

Thanks. I haven't been active here at ModDB for over like, half a year or something. Been kinda low since I've been unemployed that entire time but now things are changing for the better. I got a new job as a graphic artist now starting in a few days. :)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Ahh nice! Graphics artist for games, or something different? Anyway I think it's nice to have you back posting here, it's good to see some well-informed posts every now and then :P

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Nightshade Creator

Thanks. Yea the company makes games for the mobile market: iPhone, iPad, android, and so on. So I get to work with something I enjoy. How are things going for you?

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Things are going well over here. A little bit of studying (Computer Science/engineering, I still don't know the correct translation) here, a little bit of attempting to make 2D Java games with 2 classmates there... :P It's all pretty enjoyable so I have nothing to complain about, except for the unmotivated and annoying 90% of my class maybe.

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Nightshade Creator

A word of advice is to never hang around with people who drag you down. Good luck with your education.

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