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“A Return to the Classics”

World in Disorder is an idea for an RTS (Real Time Strategy) game based on the founding principles of the genre, which include a focus on base building, a well written story and endless hours of fun.

The plot takes place in 2034 after a long resource war has destroyed much of the middle east and crippled Eastern Europe.

The United States, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Poland and Germany all unite under one banner

The Banner of the United Federation

Czech Republic, Poland and Germany unite under one flag, and become Bohemia, as a union of Western Europe’s strongest nations.

On the other hand, Eastern Europe and Asia are suffering, Russia’s economy has collapsed, China’s industry was destroyed due to the war and India is dealing with large amounts of Terrorism and threats from Pakistan.

Due to these problems, the three nations decided to form a pact or an Accord.

Known as

The Beijing Accord

In the Middle East, civil war and destruction are all that can sustain itself, as the region falls apart from the Western and Eastern invasions, taking all natural resources and subjugating their nations.

Iran is sick of this oppression and raises to the challenge of the United Federation, threatening to flatten any troops that approach it’s borders.

Meanwhile in Iraq and Arabia, Terrorist groups prepare their arms and prepare to fight for their “freedom” and drive the west out of their homelands.

Iran notices the build up and joins with the madmen, forming their own union.

The Eastern Confederacy

With the players all set and ready to destroy each other, all it takes is a lit match to light the fuse…

The Confederacy plans to make it’s move first..

World in Disorder’s prime focus is to revive the original RTS game spirit, through it’s gameplay.

The prime focus of the gameplay is base building and combat on many fronts.

The base building in World in Disorder will focus on freedom to place buildings anywhere the player needs them to be as well as a system that doesn’t take too long, allowing the player to stay ahead of their enemy.

Of course with base building comes resource gathering, a must have for a classic feel.

The player must construct a refinery for Oil and minerals in order to afford their buildings and units, the refinery will release a harvester unit to collect the minerals for the player, allowing them to focus on the battle and war happening.

The two available resources include Oil and Minerals.

Oil is collected from Oil Rigs scattered all over the map, allowing for multiple paths of revenue to flow to the player.

Minerals are collected from mines, that will be just like Oil, all over the map, again allowing for many paths of revenue to flow.

The more advanced buildings the player builds, the better technology and units they will unlock!

Combat in World in Disorder can take place anywhere,

“In the Ocean, On Land and In the Air”

This is due to the unit selection the player can access for each faction and subfaction.

The units always include, Land units, Sea Units and Air Units as well as Special abilities unique to each subfaction.

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Currently The World in Disorder team as it stood was unable to handle this task at all, We overestimated our abilities and will attempt a project of this scope, as well as this project at a later date, apologies for any disappointment.

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