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Wondership Q, released as Airship Q for PS Vita, is a 2D action RPG with sandbox elements. You play as the protagonist of this story who’s suddenly been turned into a cat by a witch. Not only that, but now it’s your job to save your kidnapped brother. Fly through the air on your very own airship, solve mysteries, and craft until your heart’s content!

Development of Wondership Q started with just 3 people full of passion. Thanks to the support of many, this game gained successful crowd-funding at a service called Makuake in 2013, and from there it just kept growing and growing. Get ready to take yourself on an amazing adventure!


- Craft, Craft, Craft Away!
Creativity is the key to exploring and surviving this vast world. You’ll need to get really inventive to work your way out of some sticky situations. Let your imagination run wild!

- Use the Natural World to Your Advantage
Rain falls, water flows, plants grow, and fire burns... Use your knowledge of the natural world as you run, jump, fly, dig, build, fight, and more! Your actions create a unique world you could never have imagined.

- Enjoy Nostalgic Pixel Art
Wondership Q is full of gorgeous pixel art, reminiscent of classic and beloved retro games, but with modern gameplay.

-Create Your Own Worlds!
Not only is there an RPG-like story mode, there is also a world creation mode where you can create your very own stages. Then, place start and goal flags in the world you’ve created in challenge mode! See if you can defeat your own imagination.

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Wondership Q has been updated to ver.1.1!


- Changed default screen size to 1024x640.
- Adjusted the minimum screen size : 1/4 of the default size
- Adjusted the maximum screen size : Double of the default size
- You can now change key mapping manually: Change numbers on keymap.json (To find keymap.json: Right click library > Local File tub > Open Local file).

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記事ありがとうございます!高い評価いただきました^^ Thanks for writing about Wondership Q! We got high score!! Vserpg.ru #gamedev #indiedev #steam

Nov 27 2016

Thank you for playing Airship Q! :) T.co

Sep 16 2016

PSVita版『エアシップQ』が10月2日まで30%OFF! 東京ゲームショウ2016開催記念 期間限定セール♪♪ ↓↓↓ Store.playstation.com #TGS2016 #TGS

Sep 14 2016

Thanks for playing #airshipq! Great review! :) 記事ありがとう! #gamedev #indiedev #wondershipq Import briefiew - Airship Q Hitpausereviews.wordpress.com

Sep 2 2016

水が流れ落ちているところでは、水を伝って上っていくこともできるよ。 At water streams, you can jump through the water. #gamedev #indiedev #wondershipq T.co

Aug 23 2016

[Bomb] Destroys hard black stones. ばくだんは“くろくかたいいし”を破壊できるよ。 #gamedev #indiedev #wondershipq Store.steampowered.com T.co

Aug 20 2016

There are five hearts in total. “ハート”は全部で5個あるよ。 #gamedev #indiedev #wondershipq Store.steampowered.com T.co

Aug 17 2016

Propellers and Flame Guns require a boiler. “プロペラ”や“かえんじゅう”を使うにはボイラーが必要だよ #gamedev #indiedev #wondershipq T.co

Aug 14 2016

Beating Treants will give you a slight chance to get Black Wood. トレントを倒すと、くろまるたをゲットすることもあるよ。 #gamedev #indiedev T.co

Aug 9 2016

Cannons will only work with a firing lever. Steal one from enemies’ ships! たいほうには“ほうげきレバー”必要だよ。敵の船から奪っちゃおう! #gamedev T.co

Aug 8 2016