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An RPG tap game set in your computer where you explore and fight viruses in your own files.

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Windows Quest v.0.1p-a


Hey guys, I'm back with a new game! My old one had some issues, but it turned out pretty good at beta 3.0(this game is MASSIVE tho). And now, this game is in development for the time being. ANYWAY here are the new features.


  • Added Loading Screen

    Well, most games at least need a loading screen or the game won't load right? (P.S The music is my phone's RINGTONE but it'll change.)
  • Added Home Menu

    The only button that works is the QUIT Button. THE QUIT BUTTON!
  • Added Training and 9 Training Activities

    These are all the activities so far: 30. Min Exercise(typo),Yoga Stretches,Playing Boxing games, 100- meter run, and more, check it out!
  • Added Character and Stats*

    This is incomplete...
  • Added Departing area and file selector

    Here, if you press Find Area, you can choose ANY FILE on your computer to go to because the game takes place on your computer, unless your computer is not Windows.
    And that's all we have for today, in the next version, there will finally be game play, and probably a leveling system as well. Anyway, stay tuned! -Mr. Pixit
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Windows Quest v.0.1p-a

Windows Quest v.0.1p-a


The first available demo of Windows Quest! In this version, you can't fight yet, that will be in the next version, so stay tuned!

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