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In Spaceship Commander players travel in the galaxy on own spaceships with crew. The game combines several genres: strategy, RPG and roguelike elements.

Start the journey from your space station! On the way you will meet many objects and events.

- Planets:
The planet in the game is not just a decoration. This is an interactive massive object on which player can land. Planets are divided into regions, and regions into locations: cities, military bases, forests, deserts, etc. Each planet has its own conditions - some have no oxygen, some bake in hellish heat or freeze in icy cold.

- Space:
Travel among the stars on voyages of discovery! The galaxy is separated into sectors. Sectors contain multiple star systems, and spaceships travel between them by hypergate. All the star systems in the game are not fiction. Starting sector contain elements of our own real-life galactic map, and includes Proxima, Alpha and Beta Centauri, as well as Luhman 16, and Barnard's Star.

- Ship Management:
There are several ship classes available: from small patrol ships to larger frigates and cruisers. Ships have many parameters: hull durability, mass, energy, speed, maneuverability, number of boarding capsules, etc. Each ship also has a different number of weapon slots and connections for internal modules. Be careful, because during the travel you may to lose your ship, your crew, and any resources you had stored aboard! The stakes are high. If you lose a ship, you can take same by insurance for a part of cost.

- Crew Management:
You have crew members that you can control like in strategy games. But you can also activate the manual control mode and play a single crew member. Crew members different by characteristics: survivability, equipment, resistance to airless, cold and heat. How many crew you can take on board is determined by the capacity of the ship.

- Tactical Mode:
Watch the full situation around through to the tactical mode.

- Progress:
Your space station contains all your ships and resources, and is where your crew spends their downtime. Accumulate! Earn money by completing missions or eliminating enemies. Mine your own resources, or buy them from traders. Find hidden treasure! Upgrade to more advanced equipment, more powerful ships, and more skilled crew.
Upgrade v2

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Process improvement [WIP]


I am right now working on technological processes (such as mining, healing, unloading, etc).
Production problems will be added that may appear during the process and stop/slow it down. And the concept of "staff" will also be added - these are the dude who must serve the module. Well, for example, now it will be possible to attach a flight engineer to the ship's engines and this will give some bonuses to the ship. But not every crew member will have the skills to do this.


New equipment system [Update]

New equipment system [Update]


The old system when all the equipment was "glued into the character" is a thing of the past, and now we can separately buy weapons and armor/armoured...

Gas harvester [Update]

Gas harvester [Update]


This update added a apparat for gas collecting (gas harvesting drone). It is capable of extracting gas from cosmic gas clouds (gas concentrates).

Warp Drive [Lore]

Warp Drive [Lore]


In the game Spaceship Commander ships have 2 types of engines: a warp engine, through which the ship moves through Star Systems and deep space at faster...

Our Galaxy [Lore]

Our Galaxy [Lore]


The Milky Way is a barred spiral galaxy that contains the solar system and the Earth.

CreativeOven - - 166 comments

I want the game!

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TechLevel_3D Creator
TechLevel_3D - - 13 comments

You a welcome)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Bazlik_Commander - - 312 comments

-Can you made mod with universal threat, some universal enemy who attack that part of galaxy like in Space Rangers. Brutal space battles with advanced enemy, underground bunkers for survivals on invaded planets and resistant leaders who give you jobs and so ..
Participation in massive scale battles with no mercy ..please!?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
TechLevel_3D Creator
TechLevel_3D - - 13 comments

Hi! The game constantly improved. Large-scale battles are also in the plans. Also, these battles can be do in a cooperative with friends.
There will also be something like events, where, as you said, there will be attacks of various fractions on the Earth Federation systems.

Reply Good karma+3 votes
Gonzalord - - 70 comments

looks promising, keep it up man

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
TechLevel_3D Creator
TechLevel_3D - - 13 comments

Thanks!) I try to make this game the kind I've always dreamed of.

Reply Good karma+3 votes
Guest - - 689,261 comments

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Guest - - 689,261 comments

Hi i have some question concerning the game
1:the game will be on steam ?
2:i see early access the 20 april that mean tha game is playable now if i buy beta pack ?
2.5: if its playable wath we have inside for the beta ?
3: when we see what you have in store for the future update ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
TechLevel_3D Creator
TechLevel_3D - - 13 comments

Hi! Thank for interest to game!
1. Yes we realese on steam
2. On this time there is ready playlable beta, but many litle mechanics need completion
2.5 Ready:
-inventory system (place manualy modules, crew and select hull)
-Ship battle
-Base crew command: aboarding enemy ship, attack enemy intruders on my ship, attack enemy crew on enemy ship.
3.Main update in future: many new ship/modules/crew members. The game architecture was developed to quickly add content.
Also new mechanic as carrier ship class with fighters/bombers,
PvE mode with friends versus boss.

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