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Play your role in the life-filled medieval world controlled by players. Live on an inhabited territory or conquer New Continents in new seasons! MMORPG full of logically interconnected worked out little things that create a unique immersion and the spirit of adventure!

Closed Pre-alpha will start in December 2019

Pledge and alpha access: Wildterra2.com

Discord channel: Discord.gg

New season. New continent. New rules.

You can live on the One Mainland - build, develop, hunt, explore PvP and PvE zones. Or you can challenge and go to New Lands — every season a new continent will be available, with a variety of biomes and inhabitants, conditions, rules and rewards upon completion. For example, you can get to the continent with a very harsh winter all year round, where all the villages were empty due to the plague, and barely surviving forced to hunt people for food.

Huge selection of crafts. Attention to detail.

Become the best blacksmith, fisherman, doctor, alchemist, sailor, builder, tanner, weaver, merchant, farmer, carpenter, cartographer, hunter and anyone else. But to become the best, you need perseverance and knowledge. In Wild Terra, you cannot create armor in one click.

Raids and sieges.

Join groups and create clans. You are waiting for the siege of medieval castles, hunting for huge bosses and adventures in dungeons.

Change of day and night, seasons, weather.

Adapt and survive. At night, more dangers await you, and in winter you will have a hard time with farming and a lack of food.

Customization and changes over time.

Change hairstyles, grow a beard and do not overdo it with food, otherwise, you may not fit into your brand new armor.

Tournaments, leaderboards and holidays.

Participate in various tournaments and competitions, get rewards and place in the leaderboard. Also, you are waiting for special holiday events - Halloween, Christmas, April Fool's Day, as well as the holidays of the world Wild Terra.

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plague land promo2

Try the full version of Wild Terra 2 for free from August 13th, 16:00 UTC to August 16th, 16:00 UTC.
Free Weekend access will appear on the game's Steam page in the Demo section.

wt2 house fishing agriculture

During the promotion, the game can be purchased with a 40% discount. You will also be able to continue playing while saving your progress.

Wild Terra 2 - crowdfunded sandbox with old-school isometric spirit. Realistic medieval with a little bit of fantasy, natural production chains for the creation of materials and items, construction, farm and dungeons, and the spirit of adventure!

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Wild Terra 2. Early Access has begun!

Wild Terra 2. Early Access has begun!


You can start playing now, before Steam Early Access launch.

Wild Terra 2 - Pets and Taming. Gameplay video

Wild Terra 2 - Pets and Taming. Gameplay video


Wild Terra 2 has the skill Taming, crafting a snare, capturing an animal, and taming it by feeding. Your pet can help you in battle, obey its master's...

Wild Terra 2 cooking and pottery video demonstration

Wild Terra 2 cooking and pottery video demonstration


Wild Terra 2 cooking and pottery demonstration. The full cycle of creation a Stewed hare with egg, a Honey donut, use of ovens, and other production buildings...

Wild Terra 2. Roadmap 2020

Wild Terra 2. Roadmap 2020


The video version is made using a virtual newscaster created by artificial intelligence.

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Wow, this looks interesting...

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