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A sci-fi first-person RPG based on the global collapse of the human race. Play as Aaron, the young adult searching for answers in the barren wastes of the American west coast along with his AI companion MAX. Fight, shoot, loot your way through this total open-world RPG.

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Update: January 20th, 2022

As the first update of 2022, we at Fiend Studios wanted to resolve a lot of issues we discovered last year. In preparation for our Kickstarter campaign, we thought that the game could use a bit more polishing done. We hope you enjoy the improved visuals, graphics, and wait... Is that the main theme song?

Thank you for all of your support as we ready up for this next year. We expect a ton of changes as we move deeper into finishing the first half of the campaign. You may notice a few new structures along with additional quests. This next year we plan to Polish the remaining features and expand the questline into the next areas of the map. These areas will be unplayable until the Early Access release of the game is available.

To view changes in this update, scroll down.

Next updates in store:
- Crafting system will be implemented
- Leaderboards and global player stats
- Fine Tune the leveling system and the economic system of White Wall.
- More audio enhancements. Ambient Music, audio controls, voices for characters, etc.

This Update: January 20th, 2022

- BUG: Resolved death issue where the player would spawn and get attacked immediately after spawning.
- Feature: Added the main theme song. This is the beginning of the musical soundtrack for White Wall
- Feature: Added a pillar of light that spawns when the player dies. The player will then spawn in the closest location and be able to pick up their items with one button press.
- Feature: Primal(s) will now drop items, for now only Primal scrap is dropped. More items will be available when the crafting system is implemented
- BUG: Reworked the way the tutorials are composed in order to resolve an issue where the player could get stuck looking at the tutorials.
- Feature: Added an output log and reworked the notifications to give the inventory system and level system some polish
- Feature: Reworked the inventory system visually to make it more appealing to the player.

First announcement and the Alpha V0.15.36 is live!

First announcement and the Alpha V0.15.36 is live!


Today marks the first of many announcements along the path of White Wall's Development!

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White Wall Alpha V0.15.36

White Wall Alpha V0.15.36


Aaron, the main character in this immersive story-driven future of ours, is set on a mission to recover the lost fragments of what we all know as modern-day...

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