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Full release version is now online on Steam and Oculus Store! A Sci-Fi FPS for #VR that sends the player to a war between good and evil. Experience hordes of monsters, a gloomy moon base setting, mighty weapons, intense action and a lot of fun in VR.

We ❤️ VR action!

About this game

The concept of the game was developed exclusively for Virtual Reality. The game captures an advanced combination of movement techniques with intuitive controls. Items can be touched, used, or destroyed for an even more intense feeling during the game. There are a lot of weapon types and a lot of different opponents. Each opponent has its own AI behaviour and its own unique fighting skills. Experience the fascinating moonscape and explore a dilapidated moon base with a lot of secret hideouts, impregnable hordes of opponents, and a sinister Sci-Fi setting.

Dead Moon Story

It is the year 2393: You are an archaeologist. On your way back from a mission on Mars, you made a forced landing on Moon Phobos and found the forgotten outpost “Stickney 2”, which was abandoned 70 years ago. While trying to find a way to leave the moon alive, you find yourself fighting against massive waves of monsters there. The bloodthirstiness of the monsters is everywhere, whether you are in the abandoned space station or on the moon’s surface.

SVSD Locomotion

You can choose between a combination of stationary, roomscale, walking (motion controller direction movement), and teleportation for movement at anytime. Thus, a separation between line of sight, shooting direction and direction of movement is provided. We call it separated view, shot, direction (SVSD) locomotion. With the help of SVSD, motion sickness gets reduced to a minimum and a fluid movement is provided. The walking speed is from slowest to fastest continuously adjustable!

The enhanced SVSD system supports free locomotion via thumbstick (Rift) and thumbpad (Vive). You can control the walking direction completely via thumbstick and thumbpad.


  • You can fight against large hordes of monsters with their own unique fighting abilities and fighting behaviours in four single player campaigns.
  • Three difficulty level for each of the four episodes.
  • You are provided with a range of futuristic arms to smash the monsters.
  • The AI-system supports different opponent behaviour like distance fight, close combat, escaping, hiding, seeking and more.
  • A modern ambient soundsystem and futuristic sounds of weapons provide you with the right atmosphere wherever you are on Stickney 2.
  • Suitable for left and right handed players.

(Descriptions/Presskit also available in Italian, French and German. Please write an email for further information. Translations by maks.tischer@t-online.de)

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Dead Moon: Update 1.1

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Now online on Steam and Oculus Store (as Version 1)

Hello monster hunters,

with our latest update we have much improved Dead Moon. We've worked extensively on our new 3D models to make Dead Moon even more varied. And of course everything is created in VR low-poly, to guarantee further smooth gaming fun. Essential elements such as the "green gold" have been redesigned to make the game environment more natural. We have put the first level of Episode 5 into this update as well. The level offers you a lot of variety and will probably give you some frightening moments. We'll be releasing more new Episode 5 content as soon as possible. Thank you to the community for reporting issues and suggesting improvements.

We remain true to our philosophy ... fast action, many monsters and even more explosions.

Update Highlights
- A brand new playable level of Episode 5

Environment EP5

- New 3D Designs


- And of course more blood and explosions

Explosion EP5

Dead Moon - Revenge on Phobos - Full Release 1.0

Dead Moon - Revenge on Phobos - Full Release 1.0


End of December 2018 the time arrived ... Dead Moon - Revenge on Phobos - has left Early Access!

DEAD MOON - Revenge on Phobos - Full Release Dev Log

DEAD MOON - Revenge on Phobos - Full Release Dev Log


For our next update we have thought again about which essential functions we still want and what from the previous community comments is still open. A...

Dead Moon is going to leave Early Access status

Dead Moon is going to leave Early Access status


It's time... to release Dead Moon -Revenge on Phobos- from Early Access. We say thank you and looking into a new VR future.

Dead Moon -Revenge on Phobos- 2018: Previous Updates

Dead Moon -Revenge on Phobos- 2018: Previous Updates


This list provides an overview of the previous Update Rounds (New mechanics, bug fixes, improvements etc.). It shows the development and new features...

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Hell Yeah!! a game like doom 3....i think is based in that >:D

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