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Story is set in a province called Yerland.

Yerland is a province that is oftenly attacked by Dragon Knights. There is only one man to protect Yerland. He is Warlord XVI named Drake Varkan. With his soldiers, he protected Yerland for years. But then Dragon Lord Drakanass had enough. He started studying old, forbidden magic. He was almost killed in the process, but he uncovered the magic of mind controling. So he
attacked. This was the first time he was personally fighting with his
forces. When Warlord saw him, he wanted to end the attacks once and for
all and attacked Drakanass in rage. Drakanass used his mind control spell on Warlord. And that was
it. Soldiers were nothing without Warlord. They lost. Then Draknass ordered Warlord to go to his castle and kill everyone in it. Warlord did what he was ordered. But not quite well. While he was killing, one soldier went to Warlord's quarters, took the baby from the crib and ran in the secret escape tunnel. He then gave the baby to a farmer named Jack Enclaster. Then he returned to castle to help other soldiers. No one knows his fate. When the work was finished, Warlord returned to Drakanass's domain. Together they conquered 80% of Yerland. All that remains is now called Erinland. Because there was no Warlord's son, they had to have a leader. So now the leader is king Erin. Then Drakanass didn't need Warlord anymore. Some say, Drakanass killed him, but others say that Warlord
destroyed the magic and went to make his own domain to location
unknown, but the Evil of the magic remains in him. So our story begins
24 years later out of eyes of Ryan Enclaster, which is wondering why he has red eyes, so he adventures to find the secret behing them.

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I have bad news. My computer wouldn't enter windows so I had to reinstall them. But when I wanted to reinstall them it wouldn't let me. So I had to format the disk. I lost all John's Adventures project files and project files of a new secret game.

So I will not continue to make John's Adventures, because I lost everything.
But don't worry, there is a new game in development. Actually it is already on Moddb!

Link: Indiedb.com

We have also updated our site's design. Well, check the game and site out!

(Black Dragon Entertainment)

Modcast S02 E07

Modcast S02 E07

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2009 on ModDB will be a fantastic year, so to start off its time for another Modcast.

Mod Video Spotlight - December 2008

Mod Video Spotlight - December 2008

Feature 31 comments

It's that time of the year, it's also that time of the month! Yep you guessed it another monthly Spotlight coming your way.

Rigelblast - - 220 comments

I tried the latest beta (Test Beta 3) and I think this will become a good game. The story is gripping, the quests are interesting and there are many features and plenty of interactivity in the game.

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andy1942liu - - 83 comments

Really LOL for the guy who lost his AK47.
This game is interesting.....

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warlord42 - - 84 comments

Thank you :)

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bomblol - - 297 comments

pretty fun

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