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This will be a 2D Action Adventure game (the same graphics than John's Adventures). The story goes like this: You are Ryan, a good business man that has just bought an old building for his business affairs. The last business man that was running the building was found dead in his room-office. No signs of death or anything. But Ryan doesn't think about it. First day at his work in his building, the terrorists attack the building. When the security guards come to tell him and to escort him to safety something strange happens. Play the game and uncover the secrets of the room! The game will be free! Engine used: Engine 001 (not in engine list here)

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Development Diary Page 1


Well, hello to the first page of the Development Diary for the Dead Room.

What is a Development Diary?
It's like normal news. No mayor difference.

Ok here it goes...

Today I have ben pretty busy with school. The summer holidays are near, so I have to study hard for the best results. But I found some time to make some development progress for Dead Room. I made a new map for the story, which isn't yet complete. It's a map where you get your first weapon. I won't tell you which is that yet! I also fixed some script issues in the main menu. That's the progress of development for today.

For tomorrow I have plans to fix inventory issue which showed up today. Also, I will maybe finish the map I started today. I have to do some studying tomorrow too.

The development progress will increase in the upcoming summer holidays, when I will have no worries and duties at all.

Well, it's late here. I have to go to bed, I have school tomorrow.

This was the first page of the Development Diary.
Stay tuned for more pages of the Development Diary.

(Black Dragon Entertainment)


Dead Game

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I completely agree.

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hmmm... I like adventure games...

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