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Set in the fantasy world of Ardania popularized in Majesty franchise, Warlock: Master of the Arcane invites players to take on the role of the Great Mage and build a powerful magical empire, giving mighty mages the ability to control armies and wield magic to wage war against another, as they compete with other wizards for the title of Warlock.

The story so far...

A long time ago Ardania stood on the brink of chaos. The Conclave of High Priests had risen in rebellion. The Great King in his infinite wisdom united man and monster in order to recover the Crown of Ardania. Thus ended the chronicle of 'Majesty 2: Monster Kingdom.'

Thereafter the Great King and his faithful Royal Adviser gathered their enormous armies of men and monsters and marched north. Their objective was to claim yet more lands for the kingdom. Many guildmasters, high priestesses and lords accompanied the king. However once they crossed over the Northern Mountains this mighty host disappeared from view, never to be heard from again.

After the disappearance of the king, his deputy managed to maintain a fragile truce among the disparate factions of Ardania. At least for a while everyone settled into an uneasy peace. However the leaders of these restless factions soon realised that it was folly to expect the status quo to last indefinitely. Tensions escalated between the new Conclave and the Council of Mages. King Rat XIX and King Lich began to quarrel. Civil war followed. The subesquent war became to be known as 'The Troubles.'

After seventy four years of war there remained no trace of the centralized power, that once unified Ardania. Many guilds were restructured, temples were forgotten and the capitol of the Great Kings lay abandoned in ruin. After all this time there was still no news on the fate of the Great King. The Council of Great Mages including the most powerful magicians of Ardania remained the only ones capable of maintaining any degree of order within the boundaries of their lands. Though only by ruling with an iron fist.

Eventually the gods decided that they had neglected the mortals long enough. Finally they took action, leaving their celestial home to manifest throughout Ardania. Their sole aim was to put an end to the constant war and strife that had worn thin the belief of the faithful. The Gods made the Great Mages an offer. One that could not be refused.

Despite the gods themselves never knowing unity themselves, the offer made was that the wars must end and Ardania united under one ruler once more. So the gods left the Great Mages alone to determine who among them would become the next Great Ruler.

The Council of Great Mages convened, arguing for almost two months over who should be deemed the most worthy. Who could show they deserved to receive the title of Warlock, Master of the Arcane. Ultimately though as could be imagined, despite the gods warnings to cease hostilities, the council determined that the matter could only be resolved through a contest of might.

With this realisation the ruinous wars of 'The Troubles' ended, and the glorious challenge for the title of Warlock did commence...

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Warlock: Master of the Arcane
Warlock: Master of the Arcane
Warlock: Master of the Arcane
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Warlock: Master of the Arcane
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