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Welcome in the world of Esperia, a fantasy turn-based tactical RPG! The game will be available in March 2023! (Store.steampowered.com)

On a fateful night, Diana Pendragon, the second princess of Mediana is betrayed by her own army, and set up as a traitor and a witch.In the middle of the war, King Uther Pendragon fell victim to a curse the court blamed on the young Diana.

Escaping with her most loyal knight, the princess set up on a quest to find allies and uncover what's really happening in the shadows, in order to clear her name and reclaim her title.

Little did she know that what she was about to discover about herself and the nature of the world would change her fate, her family and the country forever...

Features you expected the game to have (and we have those!):

  • Over 20 playables characters with their own story and development.
  • 20+ different classes with their own weapons, movement type and skills.
  • A rich storyline with original elements you haven't seen anywhere else like a military empire, a dark cult, dragons, and heroes who fight for justice.
  • Around 20h of playtime.

Features you wished the game never had (and oh dear, we do have those!!):

  • Permadeath (disabled In Easy Mode). Because characters die when they're killed.
  • (Un)Fair RNG (you'll learn that 90% isn't a guaranteed hit...)
  • Depression caused by the sight of your precious waifu/husbando dying in front of your eyes to that 2% enemy critical hit

Features the game actually has, and you probably didn't expected

  • In-game choices that will influence your journey and unlock special story elements
  • Character exclusive quests, who focus on the backstory and relationship of each units.
  • High quality art for characters and in-game events.
  • Arthurian myths elements. Lots of them. Please, the heroine's family name is Pendragon, what do you need?

We're been fully funded on kickstarter !! Kickstarter.com

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Years ago, I remember seeing a streamer struggling against absurd odds on a randomized version of a game I loved. He had to fight off random advanced units equipped with the most powerful weapon with his "normal" team, needless to say, it was quite an unfair fight... But he went through, somehow.

I've always been a fan of SRPG games and I particularly fancy Fire Emblem. Esperia ~ Uprising of the Scarlet Witch ~ has a gameplay heavily inspired by it, and what I love the most about these games is how you can do different playthrough and still have fun on the same maps by using different characters and units.

This replayability is possible through the diversity of units, class and skills in a game, but once you have finished the game and replayed it in a harder difficulty, it can become a bit stall. Mind you, Esperia isn't on the easy side, but I still felt like we could "spice things up" a little bit.

Introducing... Randomized difficulty!

What is randomized difficulty? It's a difficulty setting in which enemies will be assigned a random class, weapons and skills at the start of the map. Their position remain the same, but the group of bandits you ought to defeat on the first maps can suddenly become much more... intimidating.


This is bandit group. With a skeleton, two dragon knights and a REAL dragon, one wonder how they don't rule the region already...

From a gameplay perspective, this is like throwing the entire balancing and game design out of the window and look at it burn from your room. The enemies who were carefully placed to try to induce a specific strategy from the player are now changing the entire way the map is played. Suddenly, the path that should have been easy to clear with armored units become saturated with mages and the defense along the river becomes impossible when dragon knights replace normal soldiers. On the other hand, that annoying enemy archer who was hard to hit from across that wall can suddenly become a fencer and be... unable to attack.

random balista

Random ballistas on that mountain effectively completely seal off the right path. They can't move (how did they even get there!?) but are nonetheless lethal...

It makes each game imprevisible and unique, and more often than not, more challenging because they don't follow usual patterns. It makes them all the more fun, too, when you discover that the royal army abandoned armored knights for skeletons and thieves and the dragon riding forces now use normal horses.

What inflation does to a kingdom...

Random bandit stats

Here is another version of the first map. Will this bandit 'Axe throw' skill work with a book...? I kinda want to know why this priest became a bandit, though...

This mode works well for challenges of all sorts, our next goal will be to create a full randomize party with the player units, which will prove to be a more challenging development.

In the meantime though... Thank you for reading, if you want to try the game, it is available on Steam and on a 20% sale right now!

With best witches,


Esperia has been released! Less than 24h before the Steam sale ends!

Esperia has been released! Less than 24h before the Steam sale ends!


Esperia, our srpg and visual novel game released on Steam on March 1st! Play through a rich visual novel story with tactical RPG gameplay!

Release date - Esperia, a new SRPG and visual novel game on PC

Release date - Esperia, a new SRPG and visual novel game on PC


Esperia ~ Uprising of the Scarlet Witch ~ will be released on March 1st! Learn more about this srpg and visual novel game inspired by Fire Emblem, Tears...

Opening movie and original song for Esperia!

Opening movie and original song for Esperia!


Esperia ~ Uprising of the Scarlet Witch ~ now has a full opening movie and original song. Esperia is a visual novel and srpg hybrid where you help Diana...

Esperia is joining the Steam Festival! Try the demo!!

Esperia is joining the Steam Festival! Try the demo!!


Esperia is a game mixing turn-based tactics with visual novel narrative. Try the demo during the Steam Game Festival!

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