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Ride your brooms and play the part of witches, wizards, demons and magical beasts in this fast-paced local multiplayer arena for up to 4 players. Play against friends, the computer or enjoy the single player story mode and discover the Wand Wars universe and its characters. The game's epic arenas and quirky powerups result in intense, competitive gameplay. Capture, avoid and control a powerful, magical sphere that grows ever bigger and faster. Turn your opponents into chickens and collect power ups to unleash arcane spells.

Features Include:

  • 5 Play modes - Arcane Arena, Team Arena, Merlinball, Hexout and Team Hexout
  • Singleplayer Campaign - Immerse yourself in the magical world of Wand Wars, discover character back stories and defeat badass wizards.
  • Arenas - Play the beautiful Wand Wars arenas, each featuring unique challenges and mechanics.
  • Spells - Use items to activate spells that will protect you, cast fireballs into your opponent’s face or turn you into a ravenous monster.
  • Unlockable Content - Unlock quirky and unique characters, powerups and new arenas by playing any mode.
  • Original music - Original soundtrack full of magic and wub.
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Hey everyone!
Our game Wand Wars is now available to buy on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux! Thank you to everyone who supported us on Steam Greenlight!

What is Wand Wars?

Wand Wars is a fast-paced, top-down, local multiplayer magical sports game. Players ride brooms over ancient arenas, cast arcane spells, turn opponents into adorable chickens and try to control a deadly magical sphere that bounces around the arena, increasing in speed and size over time, driving intensity through the roof. The game's epic stages, colourful characters and quirky powerups generate competitive gameplay that is incredibly fun to participate in and spectate.

Wand Wars is easy to learn but tricky to master. Players can hone their skill by playing a set of carefully balanced singleplayer campaigns that reveal some of the story behind the magical universe of Wand Wars and its characters. The game's AI opponents can substitute and supplement player teams and come in a range of difficulties, the higher of which will satisfy the most hardcore of gamers.

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