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The Last Leviathan is a physics-based, ship building and destruction game. You construct battle boats to crush your adversaries and massacre the monsters you encounter around the ancient seas of Middenhir.

The world is filled with rival ships, mythical monsters, hidden treasures, physics-puzzles and wrecked flotsam, so set sail on a voyage of discovery to ultimately reveal where the Last Leviathan lies.


Build Ships

With blocks bought, found or plundered, you’ll craft boats capable of conquering pirates, out manoeuvring racing ships or disintegrating towers high on the coastal hills. You will encounter specific problems that can only be solved through ship design, but it’s up to you how you do it. There’s no limit to the number of boats that you can build, so go ahead and get creative!

Naval Encounters

Across the busy seas of Middenhir you’ll encounter other ships from clans far and wide. Some are friendly trading ships, others are pirates looking for blood and treasure. You could take these guys on or you could find a friendly port willing to trade with you and upgrade your ship to be a much more powerful assailant, and then take them on. That’s is they don’t get you first!

Battling Monsters

All monsters are big, but there are some monsters that dwarf the rest. Some say these behemoths are the descendants of The Last Leviathan, others just refuse to accept that they exist. Once you’ve seen one on the horizon and you’ve had some time to ponder how on earth you’re going to take them down, you’ll wonder how you ever thought of anything else. Each chapter of your voyage will feature one of the behemoths, slay these guys and your job is done…

…until the next one.

We want monster battles to be the pinnacle experience in The Last Leviathan. You’ll need to analyse the monster’s weaknesses, gather the weaponry you think you’ll need, build a specialised boat, and then captain your ship with true, commanding skill.

A Monstrosity Of Modes

The Last Leviathan will launch with 3 modes:

Voyage: Build, sail, navigate and fight across the seas, unveiling the secrets of Middenhir in a voyage of survival and discovery.

Creative: Completely open sandbox for you to be inventive and create ships that will be world beaters.

Battle Seas: Removing the need for gold, Battle Seas is an ocean of fights and challenges including survival battles, racing, wave encounters and many more. You can even compete against boats built by other members of the community.

Community, Mods and Leaderboards

The Last Leviathan will be integrated with Steam Workshop allowing for your ship designs to be shared. With time we’ll add leaderboards that will track your uploaded ship’s performance in battle against members of the community.

Modding is important to us too, so we plan on allowing modding in many ways from AI tweaking, ship block creation and eventually Battle Seas events.

Road Map

We have a fully playable, early build right now and plan on releasing a limited set of polished features for both Battle Seas and Creative modes into Early Access on Steam in Q3 2016. Voyage mode will come during Early Access and be completed ready for full launch.

Real-time multiplayer is something we REALLY want to make. We're only a small, indie team and this is a big undertaking for us, so we plan on releasing this as soon we can, hopefully during Early Access. Hope that’s ok!?

We’ll be releasing on PC initially, but we fully plan on releasing Mac and Linux versions too, though we’re just not sure exactly when.

About Us

Hi guys, we’re Super Punk Games, a small developer based in Nottingham, England. We’ve been bringing The Last Leviathan to life for about a year now and we’re really looking forward to sharing it with you.

Please follow our progress or contact us at one of the following places:



Super Punk Games On Facebook

Super Punk Games On YouTube

If The Last Leviathan sounds good to you please vote Yes and help us through Greenlight. We really appreciate your support.

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Ok - thanks to all the beta testers we've just pushed V0.2 (build 135) onto the main branch. WOOT!

available here: The Last Leviathan on Steam

We finally made it! So much has gone into this update it won’t actually fit into this announcement so I've put the bullet points below

Battle Seas – completely overhauled this and changed it to Crusades
Crusades now includes the following activity types:
• Battle
• Race
• Fleet Battle
• Survival Battle
• Siege
• Challenge – these come in various sub-forms like treasure or hill climb.

bandicam 2016 09 22 17 16 58 369

Crusades 1 & 2 are available, we’re working on 3 & 4 and hope to roll 3 out within a couple of weeks or so with 4 coming a little time after that.

Save data – as we’ve changed the game so much all your current save data is now redundant unfortunately. Your ships will be fine but your star ratings will be deleted. Sorry.

Good news everyone: you get to beat them betterer in our new crusade mode – We’ve lifted the restrictions here so you can play any challenge with ANY ship you like. Oh yes.

Blades – these now actually do Melee damage which meant a change in their collision data, which may give some of your ships issues. If your ship gets instantly destroyed when you set sail, remove these blades and try again. Essentially you are not allowed to put anything underneath the actual blades now, before we you were.

Joints – any block not actually attached via an actual attach point (i.e. cheating) will drop off.

Localization – Players can now make their own translation mods! We've added the instructions to the "Localisation and You" Sub-forum so go check it out if you fancy translating our little game into your own language or even just a comedy language version!

bandicam 2016 09 22 17 18 59 689

Mechanical Blocks – We’ve added a bunch of cool mechanical blocks including a pivot joint, grabber, spring detonator, winch & chain and various rotating blocks. We’re hoping these will fuel your collective creative genius and manifest into some simply jaw dropping ships!

We did a few videos but I'm reasonably sure you guys will do much better:

Melee – Melee weapons now do damage to other blocks and we’ve added a number of new melee blocks to boot. I think you’ll like the spiked roller of doom….

Harpoon – YES! It’s in finally! You can collect ‘things’ with it and use it to pull your enemies closer before you hit them with a devastating massive spiked ball to the peanuts.

Rockets / torpedoes – new blocks, try them and see. We like to put the mine on the end as a warhead…

Key Assignments – you can now change all blocks and controls to whatever you like via the new key assignments windows. Press ALT whilst hovering over a block to bring it up.

AI improvements – yes we’ve done some of these too

bandicam 2016 09 22 17 16 15 807

There’s a load of other smaller tweaks, changes, rewrites, fixes & improvements but I’ll let you experience that yourself as you play

Ok, get playing and give us your feedback!!

thank you!

DevLog #13 Torpedoes, rockets & Racing!

DevLog #13 Torpedoes, rockets & Racing!


Hello collective creative genius Sorry for the recent lack of comms, we’ve been nailing a whole heap of dev so that we can get this next MASSIVE update...

DevLog #12 Harpoons, Spiked Roller of Doom and Mechanical Blocks

DevLog #12 Harpoons, Spiked Roller of Doom and Mechanical Blocks


Hello Greenhorns! Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been busy adding in a bunch of cool new blocks, some most excellent BattleSeas content and some...

DevLog #11 Gauntlet runs, and Epic Environments!

DevLog #11 Gauntlet runs, and Epic Environments!


Last week we put out a big update that includes new rotation options, MORE optimization, and new blocks! So if you haven’t checked it out yet, nows...

Update V0.1.3 (build 116) HUGE Optimisations, Wave Machine, Rotations & 32bit version

Update V0.1.3 (build 116) HUGE Optimisations, Wave Machine, Rotations & 32bit version

News 1 comment

Hello Leviathan enthusiasts! Massive welcome as always to our new players and huge thank you to all you veterans! This update has taken a little longer...

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booyaa69 Creator

thanks to everyone who took part in the giveaway! hope you enjoy it! MASSIVE update coming by the end of September too!

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it looks very good. :)

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nice thx!

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Looks cool! I'll give it a shot.

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Thanks for good game

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