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Earth and the core worlds are suffering. Overpopulation and lack of resources are leading to unrest and desperation. That's where you come in. You've been recruited to colonize a planet more than 4 light years away. It's your job to save the human race from its own greed and consumption. The game is experienced from a top-down view allowing for the deliberate and creative crafting of every item, vehicle, and structure in use. Using a scriptable and dynamic artificial intelligence the AI Overlord will change up every aspect of the game. Nothing stays the same forever, making Worlds an addictively, dynamic experience with limitless replayability.

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Shooting Sound Oddness (Games : Violent Sol Worlds : Forum : Bugs : Shooting Sound Oddness) Locked
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F1tZy81 Project Manager
Aug 22 2016 Anchor

Sometimes the shooting sound is different. I'm not always able to reproduce this bug. but sometimes it sounds like a mix of the normal shooting sound in conjunction with a 2nd sound which is reminiscent of a steam pipe squeak, or a tire skid. Eh, sorry, that's the best I can describe via text. - Dacle00

magicrat_larry Lead Developer
Sep 12 2016 Anchor

release 0.9 we have removed the flying through the air noise of the laser and things should sound better now.

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