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Violent Heat Savage is a Free To Play survival multi-player shooter with customization and level system 80s styled game. There 3 main game mode: Violent, Heat and Savage modes.


-Violent mode: in this mode you need to survive through waves of mysterious maniacs.

-Heat mode: in this mode you need to survive through waves of cops.

-Savage mode: in this mode you need to survive through waves of army zombies.

-You can upgrade and customize your charachter and weapons.

-Intense multi-player expirience with your friends through local co-op or internet.

- Bring nostalgia back with 80s styled music and design.


This game is still in development and release can be different to concept. Comment with ideas and critics will be appreciated.

Thank you for support and have a good day!

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Check out concept of Violent Heat Savage on Steam Greenlight.

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