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The game has been under development for several months.

I created a site for the studio that allows people to follow the project and a forum so you can talk about it.

To follow the adventure, there is Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
On YouTube, there will be trailers.
On Twitter and Facebook, images will be posted as well as messages so you are aware of the progress of development. If you have questions, you can go through the forum or on Twitter!

If you are interested, I invite you to follow the project on social networks.

Thank you !

See you soon !

Twitter: @games_crypt

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With this forum there are several rules. I have a complete line for the game, I know what it should look like, I will only take the ideas that can be introduced into the game without it shocking.
For example, someone goes to the forum and talks about an object that may be a laser gun, the idea will not be taken because it is not in the theme of the game!


DevBlog 01 - Vestige : Survival Horror

DevBlog 01 - Vestige : Survival Horror


Welcome to the first DevBlog dedicated to Vestige : Survival Horror. I will explain what you will find in the DevBlogs.

Vote for us on Greenlight Steam

Vote for us on Greenlight Steam


The Next Day is on Greenlight Steam ! Vote for us !

Subscribe to our Newsletter - The Next Day

Subscribe to our Newsletter - The Next Day


Welcome to this topic where we will talk about the newsletter.

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