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What do you do in Unleashed Fear?
You start out by committing crimes, and dealing in low scale drugs, after a certain period of time you'll start trading stocks and stealing cars.
Once you've worked your way up you'll either join or create a crime family and be part of something even greater!

Whats the goal in Unleashed Fear?
You can have various of goals in the game, be part of the biggest and strongest family and run things smoothly, or get known as the biggest and most feared criminal. Its all in your hands.
Estimated opening?
We're hoping to open our door in a couple of weeks(Around; March 2012.), most of the game is fully ready just a few more extra's here and there, if you sign up we'll contact you by mail once we're ready to go live!

Is Unleashed Fear free to play?
Unleashed Fear is completely free or charge as of now.

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Statistic pages has come!


Hello all!

We've recently redesigned the statistic pages such as top 50 alive and dead users, they will now also display a top 5 offence/defence/stealth.
However on the alive rankings, everybodies name in the top 5 has been hidden by default, once we finish the profile settings feature you can choose to keep hiding your name on this list or if you want to display it, careful tho, someone might go after you if they notice you in the list.

TheWhispersLie - - 32 comments

I love it! :DDD I wrote a small review on my indiedb blog, would you like me to post it here?

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