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Uh...I dunno. This site's new to me so far, but I'm liking it. I'm especially liking the access to FREE games, but also the links to the pricey but probably better made games. I play a lot of games on the Unity Player, which I'm getting a little bored of, but I definitely reccommend Vanish and TVO Thief.

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Well, sorry it's so late, I had...other things to deal with. But here's my feedback for Endyr Alpha! I really enjoyed the character customisation. It's always good when you have a MMO and you can completely distinguish yourself from all the other players. Not to mention all the different hairstyles and clothes were just EPIC, and some of them were a little...funny. XD But I really liked it. Even the Oc's were tricked out! It made the game more fun than it would've been! The worst part was definitely being stuck in the village. I'm more of an action, get-out-there-and-let's-die sort of person when gaming, so this kind of bummed me out. But it WAS only an alpha test, after all. I definitely think it has potential however. When playing the small quests prepared for the testers, I found myself unable to find the grain. This may just be me being stupid, but...I felt very very confused. Eh. So, all in all, it was a lot of fun, it's good for a multiplayer, and the guard stole my bombs. ;-; *cries a little* I WILL GET THEM BACK, AND WHEN I DO I WILL BLOW YOU UP, MISTER GUARD.Unfortunately, due to financial issues, I won't be able to play the beta or the finished game. But the alpha was...really good. I reccommend it to all.

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