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Travel among the stars, explore planets and starports, trade and combat in a procedural 1:1 universe with seamless planetary and interstellar flight.

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Developed by Damiano Vitulli Univoyager.com
Music Licenced by bzur Bzurmusic.com
Audio Tracks Inkognito and Rain from album VII by bzur Open.spotify.com

This video shows the game engine at work on a smartphone. We will leave from a station in orbit on Mars to get to the surface of the planet where we will fight against a spaceship piloted with AI. Finally, unlike previous videos where we landed like a normal airplane, this time we will make a vertical landing on the Martian base.

So much time has passed since the last video. The last ones have been very difficult years on a personal level but the project is more alive than ever. As you will see, many progress has been made: HDR, Gamma Correction, improved lighting, shadows and planet rendering, multithreading support, memory management, AI, LUA integration, missiles, trails and, last but not least, the porting on Windows!

I am sorry for the low resolution of the video that was captured on my 4.7'' smartphone.
I want you to notice also that the background is actually not a skybox, the points are real stars that can be reached seamlessly ;)

I dedicate this video to my beloved father, who flown away on May 15. My father was the greatest admirer of the project, now he assists me from the deepspace :'-)

Thank you guys for your support and encouragement.


Please note that this is a video captured during the development phase and may not represent the final version of the videogame. Many features needs still to be added or improved.

Univoyagerâ„¢ is an upcoming space flight and combat simulator videogame with procedural terrain rendering and seamless interstellar and interplanetary transfers.

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