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An evil alien army has stolen the sacred artifact of our heroes tribe while invading their home planet. Similar reports are coming from other planets and the solar system will decay without the power of these artifacts. Our heroes will begin an epic journey to uncover the truth behind this invasion. Who are these aliens? What are they trying to accomplish? Can our heroes recover the artifacts before their entire solar system starts to collapse? Experience the ultimate old-school platforming mayhem: perform impossible tricks, play with your friends and get ready to save the universe!

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Gamera Interactive is proud to announce that its first game, action-platform Unit 4, is finally making its way on Xbox One and Steam! The game will be available on May 24th but pre-orders are open from today at 14.99$ worldwide. Gamera Interactive CEO, Alberto Belli, said: “We are excited to be releasing Unit 4. The game takes some of the most recognizable elements from games of our youth and brings along the difficulty that many modern games just don’t give anymore. It is a game paying homage to games of yesteryear. No hand holding at all. The release will mark a very important milestone for the studio and for its future projects. It will be a crazy busy summer. Can’t wait to say more”.

Unit 4 is a about a special unit of elite agents (Blue, Red, Green, Yellow), fighting an evil mysterious villain who stole a sacred artefact and threats the whole galaxy with his army. Each agent can move, jump and use his own unique skill (agility, strength, msysticism and engineering) in the ultimate platforming mayhem for hardcore players!


  • A pixelated galaxy to explore (15 planets, 3 different worlds to fight for, vendors, minigames)
  • 6 terryfing bosses on the path to stop you
  • Hard-as-nails gameplay, as a dedication to the difficulty of classic games
  • Beautiful art syle homaging old school platformers
  • Characters & ship customization
  • Cooperative mode up to 4 players







You can read more about Unit 4 on www.inagalaxynotsofaraway.com or following Gamera Interactive on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

RPG legend Chris Avellone working with Gamera Interactive

RPG legend Chris Avellone working with Gamera Interactive


Some interesting corporate stuff to share with you all! Not directly related to Unit 4

Unit 4 gets a new  features trailer!

Unit 4 gets a new features trailer!


Live now on Xbox YouTube channel (VR spotted...uh?)

GamesIndustry.biz meets Gamera Interactive

GamesIndustry.biz meets Gamera Interactive


"The mission of an indie team should be survive to its first game". Gamera CEO Alberto Belli says sustainable business must come first

Unit 4 coming to Xbox One on Early 2017

Unit 4 coming to Xbox One on Early 2017


Hello IndieDB, that's our first post here. I'm putting in the same post we used to announce the game on Xbox Wire on August 4th following the release...

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