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UnderRaid is an asymmetrical turn-based yet fast-paced game about two sides, the Raiders and the Keeper, trying to gain control over a dungeon.

The raiding player leads a group of Raiders into a dungeon, trying to free the dungeons rooms from the Keepers Underlings, until they reach and slay the boss at the end of the match.

The Keeper is in charge of a horde, composed of the Underlings selected for the upcoming match. For the final battle the Keeper also chooses a boss the Raiders have to face in the last room.

The pool of different characters and skills, unlocked before and during a match for Raiders and Underlings, results in a great variety of builds and strategies, giving each match a different feeling.

The matches themselves take place in different themed rooms of the dungeon. The further the battle proceeds, the more complex the rooms get. In the early game you’ll find very symmetrical rooms with some covers. Late game rooms have (literally) more depth to them. Bottomless pits, hills, choke points and asymmetric level design are some of the things that can be found here.
During matches, players have to predict right and/or adjust their strategy to overcome their enemies playstyle.

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We have a new Fog of War!


Hello everyone,

after two and a half years of development, we found that our game wasn't the right one for a 2D Fog of War.
3D, in that matter, makes more sense, because we have levels with too much height difference to use the 2D one anymore.
So, one of our programmers sat down and replaced it with an awesome 3D version.

fow indieDB2

In this version the floor was a little bit buggy, but it's the FoW that matters:

fow indieDB

I hope you like our Fog of War.
If you do and you haven't voted for our Greenlight yet, please take a moment to do so:
UnderRaid - Steam Greenlight

Have a good one!

UnderRaid teaser - now with updated sound!

UnderRaid teaser - now with updated sound!


We have updated and improved the sound of our Greenlight teaser and made our Greenlight page prettier!

UnderRaid is now on Greenlight!

UnderRaid is now on Greenlight!


Our turn-based, fast-paced strategy game UnderRaid is now on Steam Greenlight! Take a look at our games current state and find out what it's about!

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