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1/8/16 UPDATE

After less than 10 days on Steam Greenlight, Tross has been Greenlit!

Thank you to all who voted and thank you for your excitement!

So...what now?

Tross development continues! Additional features and optimizations are being done based on community feedback. I am working feverishly to wrap up development and ensure Tross is a complete and total experience. Tross will NOT be Early Access. I cannot stress that enough. Tross will be a complete experience when it is released early 2016!

Additional information will be provided as Tross is closer to release. I will continue to read every comment, tweet, message, and email that comes through.

See you in the Tross soon!

12/29/15 UPDATE

Tross is now live on Steam Greenlight!

Head over to the Tross Greenlight Page to cast your vote!

It is an exciting time and I look forward to whats to come!

12/20/2015 UPDATE

It has been a while since the last update. The birth of my first child became my top priority and Tross had to take a back seat. But fear not, for progress has been made!

I spent quite a bit of time re-designing the back-end systems and now have them in a place I feel comfortable with. The old "clear time" is gone and replaced with a countdown timer that the player needs to beat in order to clear the sector. I also made some minor quality of life improvements and am very happy and excited with the state of the game.

I look forward to the next update soon!

Oh by the way....Sector's 1, 2, and 3 are completed. With the back-end systems clean and online, the remaining Sector's should not be too problematic.

Check out the latest Tross Alpha gameplay below!

Original Post - 8/20/2015

The player is unexpectedly selected, and unknowingly forced, into taking part of the Tross program. As the player “elects” to run the Tross program, which appears as a new type of security software, they are transported into a digital world that is infected with the components of the next crippling global cyber-attack. The player travels from Sector to Sector, eliminating the quarantined threat, with the ultimate goal of heroically saving the world from technological eradication.

-Ship flying from the 3rd person perspective
-Eliminate the “Boss” in each quarantined Sector as quickly as possible
-Bosses are prevented from moving due to the quarantine but will employ other ways of making their elimination difficult
-Colliding with anything in the digital world will cause “Corruption” and end the player
-Attacks are used based on a limited, but regenerating, energy pool that will render the ship nearly uncontrollable if depleted

Tross Status:
*Note: Most of the assets and systems within Tross are made with a modular mindset to increase further level production.*

Last Updated: 8/20/15

-Save System
-Sector timer
-Clear time record keeping
-“Building” models
-Ship model
-Flying control
-Energy system
-Blaster attack
-Sector Start, Win, Death, and Boss kill triggers
-Sector 1

In Progress:
-Sectors 2-6 are in blockout
-Additional Sector music
-UI/HUD (current priority)
-Remaining Boss textures

Remaining Features:
-All 25-30 Sectors
-Second “missile” like attack
-Boss attacks
-Smooth out twitch flying controls



The video below is a brief look into Sector 1 of Tross. Please keep in mind Tross is still in development and the features in the video may change before release.

*Disclaimer: For some reason I am losing video quality when I upload to YouTube. Not sure where the breakdown is but I am looking into it.*


Album with full sized shots:


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