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Till Dawn is a VR survival zombie shooter which takes place in a totally wasted city cut off from the rest of the world. Your only chance of rescue is the helicopter which is flying above the city. But the longer you are in the city, the more difficult it is to escape. More zombies emerges and your weapons get more rarely.

Kill as many zombies as possible, explore the city, find new weapons, find some health packs, but the main task is to survive as long as possible. It's your decision to catch the helicopter and get rescued from the city or to try to survive as long as possible and to kill even more zombies.

Why donate for it?

With a donation you will support us and give us the possibility to extend and to develop new stuff for Till Dawn. You can donate at the itch.io project page or directly via PayPal.


This is an early development version of the game and many things will be changed and improved until the completion of the game. For the best experience it's better to have a room-scale setup, but the Oculus Rift users without room-scale they can use the thumbstick for rotating.

Right now only one level (the city) is more or less ready to play. Even if you get rescued by the helicopter you will restart in the city with a slightly higher difficulty.


  • Inventory
  • holster for pistol
  • different locomotion modes
  • collectable items
  • different weapons
  • large city map to explore
  • health packs
  • lots of zombies

Known Issues

  • in some areas it's hard to teleport

Planned features (not sorted in priority)

  • more weapons
  • melee weapons
  • more levels
  • highscores
  • Multiplayer Co-op
  • more survival stuff with tasks and quests
  • discoverable houses
  • ...

Feedback is welcome (early access)

To make the best experience we depend on your feedback and support. As stated above the game itself is in development, with your donation you will support us and you will get all the updates and the final release of the game. Until then you can bring up your ideas in which direction the game should evolve or what can be made better. Take the chance, try the game, give some donation, help us to create the game, give feedback and ideas but beside all of that just have fun playing the game.

Please report any issues you have in the discussion board and don't rate the game just because of the issue.


itch.io project page



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We wish you all a happy new year!!

A bunch of new features added to Till Dawn!


The holster is only for one handgun and is located at your hips. You can drop a handgun there everytime you want and it snaps automatically. Also new is that you will have a handgun from the very beginning of the game in the holster, so you don't have to search for a weapon at start which makes it easier for you.


Now to the brand new inventory system which will give you the possibility to collect items and weapons! We decided to implement the inventory as a backpack which feels more immersive than just a dumb menu or overlay. Just put one controller behind your head, press the grip/grab button once and the backpack will be right at your hand for interaction. If you don't need it anymore just put your controller again behind your head and press the grip/grab button once, the backpack will rest at your shoulders again. You have enough space for items and weapons, available are 10 slots for items (like health packs, flares, ...) and two slots for weapons at the bottom. Enough the words, look for yourself:

Graphics quality

Shame on us that we didn't realized it earlier. The graphics quality settings was set to the lowest possible for the build all the time. We have set it now to the maximum which will give a boost in the graphics quality, lightning and shadow. This setting will be configurable in one of the next builds but meanwhile enjoy the maximum graphics quality possible.

Have fun with this new release and the new features!!

Till Dawn now available on IndieDB

Till Dawn now available on IndieDB


First version of Till Dawn is now available on IndieDB!

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TillDawn v0.1.8-pre-alpha

TillDawn v0.1.8-pre-alpha

Full Version

New release with new holster system, new inventory and better graphics!!

TillDawn v0.1.6.1-pre-alpha

TillDawn v0.1.6.1-pre-alpha

Full Version

This is just a fast bugfix release for the v0.1.6 release. So no new features, just squashing some annyoing bugs: * improved the placement of the player's...

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