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A 4- Player cooperative sidescrolling action game, where you play as vikings. Expect lots of enemies, lots of weapons and of course lots of blood.

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Those Bloody Vikings


Having finished Skyrunner and deciding to move on. We set ourselves a challenge to make a game that further explores the potential of UDK. Thus, we decided that story should take a back seat and where possible only be told through the environments. However, what is more likely is that we'll remove story altogether; either way its minimal to what we hope to achieve by the end of this. So for now, if I said it was a fast paced sidescrolling pseudo 3d game with vikings fighting monsters; that image in your head is probably what it ultimately resemble.

We've adopted a new team mate since Skyrunner, which should result in increased results from our overall project. This also allows us to free up roles to achieve greater feats. We aim to have a 4 player sidescroller, that features heavily on melee combat, as well as projectile weapons. At the moment I'm picturing Super Smash Bros type combat across a level with multiple paths. We're also playing about with the potential for death to be a large part of the overall gameplay; in that a fallen player might continue to play through the game but as a ghost, but at the moment this is not important till we get an underlying prototype.

We've drawn a lot of inspiration from Trine to make the game. The pseudo 3d game type creates the perfect aesthetic we hope to replicate in TBV. However (as previously stated with SSB), we hope to have our game a much faster pace; where the players are running and hacking (this could be rooted to a scoring system with limited time; however we've yet to work this out). Thus, for the most part, it will be more combat orientated, and puzzles a lesser impact as they tend to slow down the game, but we shall see what works. So for now, lets think SSB combat upon a stage similar to trine.

I've been told that Melee should be completed this week and we'll have a couple of videos to show off to go along with it. I'm still working with designing characters as we're unsure whether to have a caricature style or realistic; so I'll upload a few images of the vikings in their different style and any input would be greatly appreciated.

Alas, our next game is underway. We're really excited about the potential for Those Bloody Vikings and may yet look to receive funding. We would relish any input from any readers, as well as people looking to help us create it. So please Watch this game and enjoy! :D

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interesting tracking

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