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The second instalment in the RPG saga about the Witcher, Geralt of Rivia, features a thoroughly engrossing, mature storyline defining new standards for thought-provoking, non-linear game narration. In addition to an epic story, the game features an original, brutal combat system that uniquely combines tactical elements with dynamic action.

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Some my Pros/Cons


+ Mod support
+ Ritch storyline
+ Nice looking visuals even on low settings
+ Perfect soundtracks
+ A lot of craftable items
+ High quality NPC voice acting
+ Fun during monster hunt (preparing traps/poisons/reading up on the creatures etc)


- Unrealistic sword combat. It doesn't feel right.
- Unbalanced gameplay mechanics - Oils and potions barely last long enough to be of any use, and forcing you to drink them in meditation mode is tiresome. Also fairly unrealistic and breaks immersion somewhat. Many skills over/underpowered (i.e. dodge-roll, shield sign, alchemy tree etc.)
-Clunky UI and menus. Bad sorting options, unintuitive selection design (i.e. hover over recipe with mouse cursor, then press space or enter to complete recipe. but don't click and make sure not to move your mouse away from recipe in list). The map, while looking totally freaking awesome, is almost entirely useless. Many more problems with UI.
-Lack of camera controls and options.
-Unclear or non-existent tutorials.
-Also, doors. OMG DOORS. Another obvious piece of the game programmed with the fortcoming console port in mind.

Overall. 9/10. I can recommend Witcher 2 if you are keen on fantasy setting and magic items crafting... and if you are seeking for epic fantasy journey !

one of my top 5 games of all time, its Sooooo fcking good, honestly, there are 0 boring parts unlike the two other games,
Everything is exciting intersting and high quality, its so thrilling and blood pumping, the only part i dont 100% like is the scoiatel dwarven defense and some parts there, which are somewhat unfinished/unpolished, however i usually go with roche because roche is love roche is life.


This was the first Witcher game I played (never did play the first one) and I was instantly impressed. Superb graphics, sounds, and gameplay and a fantastic story.

The combat system was difficult at first but skill soon comes with practice.

Very impressed, fair play.


Almost the best game ever. Only The Witcher 3 is better!


One of the games that will drag you inside in a couple of minutes and won't let you close it. I mean, the story is so well made that you will really will get into it. Battle system is also pretty much great.

By the way, there are complains that the first Witcher was and is better, but well, even if it is, it's older and this is yet another masterpiece you should try no matter how good the first Witcher was, at least if you are into a well written storyline or RPGs.

PS: If your PC will be able to play Wild Hunt (The Witcher 3), go ahead. Don't actually have personal experience here, but I saw some let's plays – and well, it is better, but you need a hell better computing power.


An amazing game that has likeable characters, solid combat, and interesting side missions. Only loses a point for the frustrating bosses.

Great game!

A masterpiece of modern medieval fantasy themed rpg's. This game has it all: a game of thrones, a tale of two lovers, kings and their quarrels and most importantly an amazing underlying lore that pulls you in from the start and does not let go until the ride ends with a bang at the end. Every character can be as fleshed out as you want them to be, and some may become more friendly than others depending on your choices. Your decisions will come to haunt you or to help you as the game progresses, because what choices you make have an impact on the game world and npcs will treat you differently. You get the sense that the world changes around you and that there is an urgency to all your actions. In this game you are never safe, be it from hostile foes to swindlers and thieves to deceptive traps set in the world. And the game does all of this with a masterful score of music and amazing visuals to boot. The only reason for the nine is the fact that it is not quite an open world adventure like that of GTA or Skyrim, but just wait until the Witcher 3!


The Witcher 2 is a fantastic and beautiful game. It offers a detailed landscape with beautiful graphics. You can play the game multiple times, because it has many paths and everyone is a bit different. You feel the love of the CD Project RED in every single pixel of this game. It is one of the best games, I´ve ever played.

Loved mostly everything but getting lost. Prevented me from beating the game right in the middle.

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best game I have ever played

May 19 2011 by Pyryp