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Welcome to The Rust Belt


A top-down tow-truckin' physics based combat game set in the burnt out future of the American midwest.

Greed and pollution have bled the planet dry of almost every natural resource, and those with the means to leave earth have packed up and left en masse. Those disenfranchised few left behind must fend for themselves across the Erie Desert, the Iron Blighted city of Pittsburgh, the Detroit Militarized Zone, and the Chicago Deadlands.


The core mechanic is focused on physics-based combat and destruction using your tow chain as a means to spin, bash, and launch enemies into other objects. While roaming the wastes and destroying pretty much everything in sight, you’ll collect a myriad of pitiful resources, along with the occasional pristine piece of loot that you can use to rebuild your town of Crowperch. The town acts as a homebase of sorts, a place to rest up, cash in your loot, and upgrade your truck.

“There are tons of space games out there already, and not nearly enough set in rural America (real or fictionalized) so the change of scenery is welcome.” Chloi Rad, KillScreen Daily

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Art for Pappy’s Garage

If you saw last week’s post, then you saw an early sketch of the layout for the Garage. This week, Royce made it full color with final art to get ready for implementation in Unity. We’re setting up the garage to be the location to go for all the cosmetic upgrades (you can see some skins for alternate trucks further down below). We’re currently playing with what kind of slots we want to be customizable in the garage, but we’re thinking tires, body styling and hooks are a good place to start. Working out how visual upgrades affect the actual play of the truck is still being resolved though.


Customizable skins for the player’s truck

After finishing up the garage, Royce made some progress on cosmetic upgrades for the truck. He created two different styles, one a little more scrappy and hacked together, the other more military themed. We’re still working out how the player unlocks these skins, but Royce is having a blast creating new concepts for trucks, and we love seeing his work.



We competed in a 48hr game jam and made


Seattle locals PlayFab sponsored a weekend game jam with over 75 people and 15 teams. It was EASILY the best jam we’ve ever been to - catered meals, beer, great prizes, the works. There were two prizes given out - Audience Vote and Judge’s Vote. We won the Audience Vote with our local multiplayer game Gurgamoth Lives! It’s a simple little action game about death cultists competing to give themselves as sacrifice to appease their elder god. Check out the gifs below. We’re setting up an IndieDB page for the game itself, so go check it out and let us know what you think. It’s still super early, but we think it’s a ton of fun.


Title Screen


Three person gameplay



Check out the Gurgamoth Lives IndieDB page here - Gurgamoth Lives

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10/7 Midweek Update: The Garage, Indie Game Con, and a new team member!

10/7 Midweek Update: The Garage, Indie Game Con, and a new team member!


This week we went to a couple game conventions, tried out the race wheel setup, and welcomed a new member to the team!

9/30 Midweek Update: Procedural terrain, character customization, and world maps

9/30 Midweek Update: Procedural terrain, character customization, and world maps


This week we got started on procedurally creating our terrain landscapes, built a prototype for character customization, and took a stab at a world map...

9/23 Midweek Update: Physics, Explosions, and Indie Game Con

9/23 Midweek Update: Physics, Explosions, and Indie Game Con


This week we reworked the physics system, added some fun stuff to particles, and are getting ready for the Indie Game Con Oct. 3

After PAX Prime!

After PAX Prime!


We took the game to PAX Prime last week, on the main floor!


When is this like.. coming out??

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