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You are in the great era of the pirates.

Unfortunately the era is so great, there is hardly any ship to attack anymore. For the sake of your beloved, obviously gold, you decided to attack the land.

Shoving your canon on the French land you start to attack their bases, and the french do everything in their might to stop you.


- Goal: Kill all Soldiers
- Drag the crosshair with the mouse to aim
- Release to fire
- Control the power of the canon ball by moving the cross-hair from the canon (close = less power, far away = more power)
- Use mouse wheel to zoom
- Drag mouse around the world to move camera

The Pirate Game for Android Download Code

Download Links

The Pirate Game WebPlayer
(Playable in the Webbrowser)

The Pirate Game on Android Market
Or scan it with your Android device.

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Super Arkatis is released


Super Arkatis is finally released! It's a shoot-'em-up in 3D inpsired by games like Tyrian and Raptor - Call of the shadows.

Blast your way through countless waves of enemy ships and bosses from the far reaches of space to the surfaces of barren planets in three missions and an additional endless mode! Earn points to upgrade your ship with several upgradeable weapons and ship upgrades that improves the visuals of your ship!

The "Endless Mode" features various background themes with a smooth transition from eachother (Space Planet Space Station etc.) and an increasing difficulty and variety of enemies.

The game is free and features ad banners on locations that are not annoying or intrusive.

★ Classic shoot-'em-up action inspired by games like Tyrian and Raptor.
★ A workshop where you can upgrade your ship and weapons.
★ A "Endless Mode" where you fight against unending waves of enemy ships.
★ Random generated backgrounds with different themes (space, asteroids, desert planet etc.).
★ Powerup pickups provide you with temporary upgrades (projectile immunity, weapon satellites etc.).
★ Three handcrafted missions with five difficulty settings.
★ Boss fights featuring different mechanics.
★ Over 20 different enemy ship types.
★ A catchy soundtrack!
★ Powered by Unity3D 5.X.

Upcoming features:
★ More enemies!
★ More weapons, pickups and upgrades!
★ More randomly generated background themes!
★ More music!
★ Achievements!

Minimum required Devices:
★ Any Android Smartphone comparable with a HTC Sensation.

Optimal Devices:
★ Any Android Smartphone comparable with a LG G4.

The Pirate Game for Android finally released

The Pirate Game for Android finally released


The Pirate Game is finally released! Version 1.0 released for Android Market.

Work in Progress Version Updated

Work in Progress Version Updated


We have updated the WIP Version (Playable in every WebBrowser with Unity3D Plugin installed)

New Graphics & Progress Update

New Graphics & Progress Update


After 5 weeks, The Pirate Game got an (almost) complete overhaul. Backgrounds were added, some new levels and most of the UI is redone.

Current progress & 2D Artist wanted!

Current progress & 2D Artist wanted!


Latest updates, new 3D view, new elements, Android release and a new playable Webplayer WIP Version. Also we're looking for a 2D Artist for The Pirate...

stever19 - - 1 comments

If you still need a 3d and 2d artist hit me up on my email : void013.comuf@gmail.com

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Ultimoore - - 145 comments

will you eventually port this to linux and mac?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Tseng Creator
Tseng - - 14 comments

Unity, the engine we're using currently only runs on Windows (Desktop & Webplayer), Mac (Desktop & Webplayer), iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android. There are also Xbox, Wii and PSN ports of Unity, but only for registered developers on these networks (5-digit licensing costs).

Currently we only have Webplayer, Desktop and Android. In order to build for MacOS (Standalone Build, Webplayer should already work on Mac) a Mac computer is required and for iOS one needs an additionally Mac computer, iPhone or iOS, Unity iOS License and AppStore access. But if the Android version is successful and money flows in, we definitely want to go for a iOS Version too. It's just, the costs for an initial iOS Version are quite high ^^

Linux is currently not supported by Unity3D. But Unity3d is working on a Flash support (will require at least Flash 11), which will then also work under Linux too.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
topos84 - - 2 comments

Looks like 'Angry Birds'.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Rotfuchs - - 82 comments

and "angry birds" looks like "castle crusher".

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
RuffalowMan - - 59 comments

True dat.

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