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The Perfect Tower II is a mix between an incremental and a tower defense game with idle elements.

Build a Town and explore a variety of regions to unlock different mini-games and tons of upgrades.

Choose if you want to play an idle or more active build by focusing on the upgrades that suit your playstyle and build the perfect tower!


  • Play it anywhere - on the bus, at work, at school,... Seamlessly switch to the web or mobile¹ version of the game.
  • Use simple commands to control an AI and automate the game while you're away from the keyboard.
  • A collection of mini-games and puzzles with incremental mechanics wait for your creative solutions.
  • Explore and conquer 15 different regions with 5 unique modes (Normal, Endless, Challenge, Idle, Sandbox)
  • Find out why you are building towers on a lonely island in the middle of nowhere.
  • Put your tower to the ultimate test by fighting bosses!
  • This is a living game. It's constantly being updated and expanded. And you can be a part of it!


We're developing this game together with our community. Join us on Discord and influence the future of this game!


The Perfect Tower II features an AI that will let you automate almost everything so you can focus on discovering new and exciting things!


The town is the central hub and serves as a main area for spending and investing resources.

In the beginning it is an empty island without any structures.

You can build and upgrade a total of 12 different buildings, each with a unique function.


A total of 15 different regions are waiting for you!

Each one featuring a unique environment with different colors, movement patterns, special rules and effects, secrets and unlockable assets for your town.

¹Mobile version of the game not yet released.

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Update - v0.8.3 B1


Hi everyone!

We've got some news for you!
The Trading Post has been reworked and is now more connected with the rest of the town.
We've introduce a new resource called 'crates' that increases with each trade and can be used together with new upgrades! The variable conversion rate has been changed to a fixed rate and only the amount of crates received changes with each trade.

With those mechanic changes comes another UI rework!
The Trading Post UI has been updated to reflect where we want to go with the UI of Town buildings.
In addition all close/exit buttons have been updated with the new style and location to stay coherent.
Please let us know what you think of these changes!

Trading Post Beta and now

Guided Tutorials
With this new Trading Post we're also introducing a new thing we call 'guided tutorials'.
We wanted the game to be strong on the exploration part, but we realise that right now there is a lot of information missing, some things are not clear on first glance and some people just want a more traditional tutorial. That is why we've decided to add a guided tutorial to each building that will teach you the basics.
The Trading Post is the first building to receive guided tutorials and it will automatically start when you first open it. You can choose to skip it and restart it at any given time via right clicking the help icon inside the building.

Now it's your turn!
We need your support to make guided tutorials a good experience!
Please take a look at the Trading Post tutorial in-game, go through it and leave some feedback for us in the comments.

Here are some questions that we're trying to figure out right now:

  • Is it too detailed?
  • Is it not detailed enough?
  • Is any important information missing?
  • Is it too fast?
  • Is it too slow?
  • Is it too much at once?

Based on your feedback we will provide guided tutorials for all of the remaining buildings in a similar style along with additional tooltips and explanations.


Trading Post Rework

  • changed how the Trading Post works
  • added new mechanic to the Trading Post
  • added a guided Tutorial to the Trading Post
  • added 3 new skills to the Trading Post
  • added 1 new exotic skill to the Trading Post
  • reworked infinity stone requirement regarding Trading Post
  • reworked the Trading Post UI

New Stuff

  • added confirm dialog when canceling buildings in the Construction Firm
  • added confirm dialog when trying to reset Town perks
  • added last saved timestamp to options menu
  • added tooltip to the Wave Streaming button
  • added tooltip to Power Stones in Museum
  • added tooltip to max. crafted Power Stones indicator in Museum
  • added a visual indicator to signal not enough resources when trying to craft in Factory
  • added string variable support to AI
  • added AI action ('Trading Post: Trade')
  • added AI action ('Trading Post: Refresh')
  • added AI function ('Trading Post: Offer Count')
  • added AI function ('Museum: delete all')
  • added AI function ('String: length')
  • added AI function ('Substring')


  • clicking on skill points in Town now opens the skill menu
  • holding shift while opening a confirm dialog will automatically confirm it with some exceptions
  • wave highscore in normal mode now shows a checkmark if the difficulty has been completed
  • right clicking a Power Stone from outside the inventory now tries to put it in the inventory
  • right clicking a Power Stone from inside the inventory not tries to put it in the cubos cube or boost inventory
  • shift+right clicking a Power Stone tries to put it in the combiner
  • options menu now remembers the last select category until scene switch
  • right clicking the wave streaming button now opens the software tab in the options
  • module 'Death Wish' now displays the incoming damage directly instead of outgoing/2
  • updated module description for 'Multishot' and 'Basic Bouncing'
  • pressing esc in-game closes the stats window if open instead of showing the exit round dialog
  • Town perk UI can now be closed with esc
  • AI scripts can now be toggled on/off via right click
  • removed 1B infinity limitation


  • fixed a rounding issue in the module unlocked statistics goal
  • fixed blueprint name not displaying in Workshop
  • fixed tooltips not being capitalized in Museum
  • fixed tooltip positions on higher resolutions
  • fixed military tier progress bar
  • fixed Factory auto-fill offsetting the recipe in some cases
  • fixed ore rewards flickering when using 'relative' as shard input mode
  • fixed Mine layer count not resetting after resetting Town perks
  • fixed Mine layer count not resetting after using layer duration infinity perk
  • fixed nature experiment not being clickable with the AI
  • fixed AI crashing in Steam version when doing 0/0 or 0mod0 integer arithmetic

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Discord: Discord.gg
Twitter: Twitter.com
Twitch: Twitch.tv
Youtube: Youtube.com
Reddit: Reddit.com

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