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An adventure/quest game. A hero wakes up early and has some strange feelings. He goes out of his room and calls an elavator. But elevator is broken and only one floor button is working. And there's something other, than just a simple house level. A mistery and adventure is waiting for him... - Explore small worlds, created by writer and his friends - Solve puzzles - Simple and hardcore puzzles and mini-games

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The Lift Release.

News 2 comments

Hello, my name is Gray Hound and this is jackass nightcoffeegaems!

I've spent 3 month on developing, testing and publishing my first game - The Lift.
You can download it here:

The game is not a masterpiece and a lot of models, textures were found on the internet. But the idea and the gameplay was made by nightcoffeegaems.

The idea came about 5 years ago. I've moved from a smaller town to a bigger one. I was renting an apartment on the 12th floor. Every morning and every evening I've been riding an elevator. Twelve looong and boooring floors down and twelve looong and boooring floor up.

Elevators here in Russia are really suitable for horror-games :)

One day after bad night I've been on the my way home... path started with a lift again. And as usual a small thought came to my mind: what if door will open and will see some other world?

Five yers later I'm on a long vacation. I want to create games, there are a lot of ideas (bad and worse).
But I've started with a lift idea.

So, in this game you will see this idea coming alive. A lift, seven floors to explore. Most of them have puzzles to solve before you will go to the next level.
Six unique small worlds:
- A small rest zone of a writer - creator of this world;
- A music store (I bet you will be crashing you keyboard trying to solve those music-puzzles ;))
- Arcades. Some arcade games represent old arcades from Russia.
- A mysterious room with no puzzles but greate atmosphere (at least I hope so!)
- Museum
- Observatory. A very strange one - with billiard in there.

First title, first lesson, first failure ;)
I wish you good luck with solving puzzles!

About release

About release


Release at May 14. At least I hope so. Need more coffee...

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The Lift. Full Version.

The Lift. Full Version.

Full Version

The Lift is free-2-play. Hope you will enjoy it ;)

The Lift Demo.

The Lift Demo.


Demo version of "The Lift" game. One floor to explore and finish 3 puzzles. Enjoy!

Anate - - 46 comments

застрял на головоломке с сосудами.

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Tamagakure - - 5,107 comments


I'm guessing the hero is very wealthy, having an elevator in his house in the first place!

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devilmaydie1 Creator
devilmaydie1 - - 2 comments

actually a hero is renting a small apartment :) elevator is in the house where apartment is

too bad the game is not goint to be released on desura

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