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Even in its early days, Althas has been a land shaken by conflicts. In the early days, these conflicts pitted the Anointed Kingdoms of Men against the dark and demonic forces that threatened them. However, with the passage of time the world has changed. With the Anointed order eroding away and new powers rising, another war looms on the horizon, a war brought on by Man's own actions. Thenodar, a burgeoning new kingdom in the North, and Anorthile, one of the last of the three remaining Anointed Kingdoms, now prepare for a war that will shake all of Althas. Old demons and new enemies gather in the shadows of both lands as each sets their sights on the ruined wilderness known as the Feralands.

RSS Procedural River Bed Tool
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By Ben Kelly, one of our Level Designers at Epoch Games.

Procedural River Bed Tool made in Houdini for Lays of Althas: Sundered Order. This tool helps the artist by doing 90% of the heavy lifting when it comes to making river beds. Follows the well documented workflow of Horizon Zero Dawn presented by Guerrilla Games in their talk here: Vimeo.com