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Fueled by its insatiable hunger for knowledge and power, the human race unlocked the key to the universe itself, and began to harness its limitless energy' But that energy came at a great cost' The humans didn't figure it out until the damage had already been done' The universe became unstable, phenomena that were supposed to be rare began surfacing everywhere, tearing the universe apart' Because the earth had become the focal point of the instabilities, it was the first planet to be destroyed' The survivors fled to the far reaches of the universe, where the instabilities were present, but still minor, and began to think of ways to reverse the disaster' But they couldn't reach an agreement' Factions formed and tensions mounted - so much was at stake' The result was a devastating war - begun with the goal of trying to save the universe - or what was left of it' War has never been a good means of saving anything, and this one was no different'''

It was'''

The Last World War'

The Last World War is an MMORTS (Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy) game written in Java' In the Last World War, you start out with a planet, and all it's resources at your disposal to mine and collect, and 25 squared km of territorial space' You can create an empire, conquering other player's planets and merging them into your territory' You can still trade, interact, and ally with other players as well, creating a large alliance to conquer the universe' It's a free for all, where the victor determines the fate of the universe, if a victor appears before the universe they are trying to save ends' The Last World War features peer to peer and disruption tolerant networking, cheat proofing, an in game scripting language and an Environment/Library Editor which allows anyone to create a new universe with a whole new set of units and stats'

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Galaxy Viewer


I just uploaded my first tool - The Galaxy Viewer. It hasn't been optimized much yet so it's still kind of slow, yet it is still kind of interesting to look at. It is eventually going to be used as the map system - it will contain icons of all the habited worlds in the game, and when you click them you can view information about that player and attempt to quantum jump there. If there is more than one player in the same general area, it will zoom in enough to show all the individual players in that sector. There are billions of stars, so I shouldn't run out, but if I do, it's not that tough to generate a new galaxy.

Check that out here: Games.cs.umass.edu

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Last World War Screen Capture

Last World War Screen Capture


A short clip showing the early functions of the game engine.

firedeathbot - - 9 comments

nice job why dont you check out infestation for standalone games!

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